Thunderbolt™ Driver for Windows BETA

The new version of the Windows Thunderbolt driver is now available for Beta-testing.

This driver version allows running multiple ASIO applications at the same time. While Windows Audio is still not supported, you can now run VoiceMeeter all the time (you'll need to download the latest version). You'll be able to have scenarios like Ableton Live + Traktor, streaming your DAW session in OBS, etc. This version also supports the upcoming AFX2DAW plug-in bridge, that we're expecting to be released soon.

Since this is Beta, some issues might be present. Please contact us at to report any bugs you might experience, and for overall troubleshooting of this version.

To install, please do the following:

  1. Disconnect your Antelope Thunderbolt device
  2. Close your DAW and/or VoiceMeeter
  3. Uninstall the previously installed version
  4. Install the new driver version, available for download below

To make it work with multiple applications simultaneously, we had to make the buffer-size configuration available only from our Thunderbolt ASIO Settings control panel. It will synchronize all the open applications. This also allows to use lower then usually allowed values for buffer size in some DAWs (e.g. it's possible to record using 16 samples buffer size at 44.1/48kHz in Pro Tools).

Known Issues

Sometimes the installer does not work correctly or throws errors.

In order to workaround, follow the procedure above, or contact us to assist you using a remote session.

Abysmal performance on some laptops

It seems that some laptops have built-in system/BIOS power-management features kicking in at times, resulting in abysmal performance, pops/clicks/dropouts even on high buffer sizes. We're still experimenting with such systems to find a decent solution and we'll publish a proper fix. If you experience such issue on your system, please use the official stable driver.