Meet the new Edge microphone family

Achieve pristine clarity, depth and detail in your recordings while recreating the true sound of a multitude of vintage microphones

From Mono to 3D Audio Recording with Edge Mic Family

From a single cardioid pattern to advanced stereo techniques, anything is possible!


Single capsule, large-diaphragm condenser specifically designed to recreate the true sound of legendary cardioid-pattern single capsule microphones.

Combined with our
powerful modeling technology, it allows users to emulate 18 of the world’s most iconic microphones.


Dual membrane, large-diaphragm condenser designed for capturing vocals and instruments with pristine clarity, depth and detail.

Independent outputs from the capsule’s dual membranes allow next-level modeling of on- and off-axis response and complete control over pickup pattern even after recording.


This quadrasonic mic features two dual-membrane capsules and one rotating head. Delivering four channels for independent processing which allow for stereo techniques like M/S, X/Y, Blumlein, and even 3D sound.

Edge Quadro is the only microphone you’ll need for 360° or advanced stereo sound recording.

Antelope's expanding library of microphone emulations serves up a treasure trove of vintage analogue mics with uncanny accuracy.

Developed through exacting analysis of the original models and measured in one of the best anechoic chambers in Europe, the Edge emulations deliver all the character and expressiveness heard on countless hit records.

Your Mic Locker Full of Classics

edge duo modeling microphone by antelope audio

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James Ivey

Musician, Engineer and Production Expert Technical Editor

I have been fortunate enough to use all the recent Antelope gear and I've been very impressed with its sound quality, ease of use and the way I can reconfigure it to fit my workflow.

The new Edge and Verge mics sound great in their own right but if you then add the mic models and you virtually have every mic you will ever need I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Alex Solano

Alex has over 10 years of audio engineering and training experience and is a leading strategist and evangelist.

The new mic modeling technology by Antelope Audio brings commercial studio quality to the personal studio. I’m excited to see what Antelope will introduce for us next!

Matt Kelly

Mercury Prize Nominated Producer & Drummer for Polly Scattergood, On Dead Waves signed to Mute Records

I'm really loving my Discrete 8 Bundle and I can't wait for the new Edge mics to be released as the emulations are truly brilliant. They're so simple to use and give us a great sound without fail every time we record with them.

Join our Edge Family giveaway

Get your chance to win one of our three Edge modeling mics!

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