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The guitar classics

Vintage and contemporary guitar amp & cab simulations

Equalizer Legends

You’re surely into studio legends, so let us take you back in time


No mix is good enough without an oldschool compressor


Providing color and richness using a simple new approach through our unique algorithm.

Mic Emulations

Hardware-based Audio Effects

Massive hardware modeling capabilities

Already leaders in the field of digital audio clocking Antelope Audio is now on a mission to revolutionize the world of digital audio interfaces. Our custom Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) not only guarantees the lowest sound latency on the market when creating and streaming multiple mixes, but provides our devices with massive hardware modeling capabilities.

Forget about expensive effects

They often sound flat and soulless and can be quite a pain to your computer.
Our FPGA effects bring audio realism to a new level. They sound, behave and feel just like real hardware gear, because they ARE real hardware gear.

Our audio interfaces feature this new breed of powerful hardware-based audio effects. These include vintage and contemporary guitar amp & cab simulations developed in collaboration with Overloud, plus Antelope’s very own enhanced versions of legendary studio gear.