Exploring the Impresser

Welcome to our latest series presented by Alex Solano.

Alex Solano is an indie producer, sound engineer and an online product trainer. For the past several years he’s worked with a vast array of major audio companies. Alex has proven himself as an effective online educator. His simple and comprehensive videos have helped him gain a huge social media following. Antelope Audio is glad to have him on board for this series of tutorial videos.



Impresser fits the best from classic vintage compression while adding a wider range of control options to the table. This vintage unit, now recreated by the powerful Antelope Audio FPGA engine, can handle it all. Impresser can add gentle and warm compression to your tracks or aggressively pump up any source audio.


Live Jazz Recording

Impresser was modeled after one of the most flexible and versatile compressors on the audio market. In the second video of this new tutorial series, Alex Solano will be sharing with us some tips and tricks about using the Impresser on a live jazz music recording.


Hip Hop

In the third episode of his Impresser tutorial series Alex Solano shows us the compressor doing its magic in a hip hop mix. Modeled after one of the most flexible and versatile compressors ever made, Impresser is one of the latest additions to the Antelope Audio FPGA FX library.


Electronic Music

Let’s talk about electronic music! The Impresser might appear to be a secret weapon in the demanding task of mixing electronic and EDM music. Let’s see some tips from our host Alex Solano!


Punk’s not dead

Is your punk rock mix lacking aggression? Are your guitars not edgy enough or the vocals less raging that expected? In this Impresser tutorial Alex Solano will show you how to get your sound as punk as possible!