Mix Breakdown

Welcome to our latest series presented by Alex Solano.

Alex Solano is an indie producer, sound engineer and an online product trainer. For the past several years he’s worked with a vast array of major audio companies. Alex has proven himself as an effective online educator. His simple and comprehensive videos have helped him gain a huge social media following. Antelope Audio is glad to have him on board for this series of tutorial videos.



Alex Solano is back with a new video series, this his exploring the Antelope Audio FPGA FX in several Mix Breakdowns. Let’s start with briefly exploring some of his ‘killer’ FX chains! With his favorite Zen Tour, used as clock, mic pre, converter and monitor controller and basically his studio setup centerpiece, Alex Solano guides us through a recent mixing session that involves few epic FX chains of our FPGA FX.


Drums & Percussion

With the goal not to reinvent the already neatly sounding drums Alex Solano starts with a drums chain that will help him transparently polish the sound. His weapons of choice are the VEQ-1A for a good low and mid range boost, the VEQ-4K Brown for adding a touch of extra lushness to the highs and of course the Impresser to give the kick a well-desired analog punch.


Bass Guitar

With the bass guitar already sounding pretty good and smooth, Alex Solano starts his chain with a Tubechild670. The vintage compressor is subtle but manages to make the sound even more exciting. Next he goes for the Lang PEQ-2 for a full-on low end enhancement. The combo between a carefully recreated vintage compressor and a classic EQ results in a more solid bass sound that fits like a charm in the mix.


Muted Guitar

With the electric muted guitar being pretty basic and simple, Alex has to focus on ensuring its audible through the whole track without being too dominant. The first tool of his choice is the X903. The vintage limiting compressor allows you to shape the transients and keep the sound present without getting too punchy.


Acoustic Guitar

Getting the guitars right is one of the most challenging tasks of any mixing session. Luckily we have Alex Solano to share with us some awesome mixing tricks with the Antelope Audio FX. The guitars are already recorded great and all they need is a little bit of beefing up so they get more convincing in the mix.


Lead Vocals

The vocals recorded for the track are sounding good but are still too dry and need some extra pushing. The FX chain starts with BAE-1073 and Alex Solano says he goes for this EQ nine out of ten times when he’s mixing vocals (and not only). In this case it’s in charge of cleaning up the sub lows and the low mids.


Backing Vocals

The backing vocals for the track have an eerie and spacey sound that needs to be preserved but slightly sinks into the mix. The task is to bring them a bit forward, while preserving their unique atmospheric feel. With the NEU-W495 Alex Solano manages to enhance the highs and high mids in a beautiful way while cleaning a bit of the sub lows. Then comes the BA-6A for a touch of good old vintage compression. Last in the chain is the the NEU-PEV. With this EQ Alex manages to increase even further the clarity of the vocals and polish once again the low end after the compression.

We hope you enjoyed this series presented by Alex Solano.

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