Mixing an EDM track with the Antelope Audio Effects

Alex Solano is back with a new series! This time he’s mixing an EDM track.

Alex Solano is an indie producer, sound engineer and an online product trainer. For the past several years he’s worked with a vast array of major audio companies. Alex has proven himself as an effective online educator. His simple and comprehensive videos have helped him gain a huge social media following. Antelope Audio is glad to have him on board for this series of tutorial videos.


Setting up Pro-Tools for mixing EDM with the Antelope Audio FX

In the first video tutorial of our brand new mixing series Alex Solano will show you how to quickly set up your Antelope Audio interface to work with Pro-Tools. Routing, setting up the inputs and outputs in the DAW – it’s all there.


Mixing the EDM Kick Drum with the Antelope Audio AFX

With Pro-Tools already set up and running it’s time to get down to real business. Getting the kick drum sound cool is a tough job even for the most seasoned pros. Our host Alex is making this as easy as it gets while mixing with our vintage EQ and Compressor FX models.


Mixing EDM Claps with the Antelope Audio FPGA FX

Just like getting the snare right, a punchy and neat claps can be quite a burden even for the most skilled producer and sound engineer. Not if you’re using the Antelope Audio vintage NEU-W492 in a combo with TUBE176 and VEQ-HA32C.

The mixture of authentic vintage EQ and compression results in a convincing clap sounds that not only shines through the mix, but will make even the grumpiest crowd shake those bottoms.


Mixing EDM Percussion with the Antelope Audio FPGA FX

‘Armed’ with the vintage VEQ-STU 168 EQ and the Gyratec X Alex Solano is reaching a percussive sound that does have its own vintage punch and presence. VEQ-STU 900 joins the parade to add a fair amount of mid boost. The last element is the UK-69 for a bit more color and air. The result is lively and organic – the cherry on top this tight house drum section.


Mixing the EDM drum bus with the Antelope Audio FPGA AFX

The final polishing of your Antelope Audio FX-treated EDM drum section starts and ends with the magical touch of Gyratec X. Alex is running the signal through it and… Just listen to it before and after. You’ll notice the drums fitting nicer and tighter in the mix without being actually compressed. Enjoy the magic of hardware gear.


Shaping the bass for an EDM track with the Antelope Audio AFX

For this mixdown showcase Alex Solano has written a simple and powerful bassline. With the right tones at hand we jump straight to the AFX section of the Zen Tour control panel. Vintage EQs NEU-W495 and VEQ-1A are lined to shape the body and low end of the bass line. And with the eternal classics FET-A75 it’s already as punchy as it can get and still fitting perfectly into the mix.


Processing a piano track in an EDM mix with the Antelope AFX

With the rhythm section good to go, Alex Solano will now help us produce the perfect piano track for our future EDM hit. As usual, he’s using the Antelope Audio FPGA FX.


Processing EDM lead synths with the Antelope Audio AFX

You can have the grooviest rhythm section, but don’t expect the big money to rain without slick and catchy lead synths. Alex’s favorite VEQ-55A EQ is the first to be added on the FX chain for initial tone shaping. It’s followed by UK-69 to bring the punch back a bit. Talking about punch, the vintage EQ is followed by a VCA160 compressor for some good old compression. And voilà the leads are right where they have to be – ready to shoot your track on top of the dance charts.


Processing the mix bus on an EDM track with the Antelope AFX

Here’s the final touch of your Antelope Audio FX-treated EDM mixdown. With VEQ-4K Black and LANG PEQ-2 headlining the FX strip we’re now hearing a fuller, brighter and more powerful sound. The cherry on top this time is the Gyratec X compressor and the result… Just hear it for yourself.


Saving the EDM session as a preset in the control panel

Now that mixing is done you have to ensure the session is saved and ready for your next project. With the Antelope Audio control panel that’s not a chore at all.

We hope you enjoyed this series presented by Alex Solano.

Since your feedback is our main driving force, drop us a line and tell us your opinion on this series or what more would you like to see