Mastering with Antelope’s AFX

Welcome to our latest series presented by Alex Solano.

Alex Solano is an indie producer, sound engineer and an online product trainer. For the past several years he’s worked with a vast array of major audio companies. Alex has proven himself as an effective online educator. His simple and comprehensive videos have helped him gain a huge social media following. Antelope Audio is glad to have him on board for this series of tutorial videos.



In this 3rd collaboration with Alex Solano, he’ll be guiding us through the process of mastering a track using Zen Tour and the ever-growing Antelope Audio library of vintage FPGA FX.


Focus & Goals

Mastering is a delicate job. Technical skills and knowledge are a must, but so is a very clear objective of the sound you want to get. Thankfully Alex Solano is back with another tutorial on the subject.


Enhancing the Mix

Your mix might sound perfectly balanced and tidy but sometimes getting things clean comes at the a certain price. In the third video of his Mastering tutorial, Alex Solano will show us how to enhance the low end using Antelope AFX.


Taming the High End

After the initial fix of vintage analog compression it’s the time to further polish the sound of our mix. Let’s see how Alex Solano softens the sparkling high end and boosts the lows with the Pultec-style VEQ-1A from Antelope Audio.


As Loud As Possible

Stay-Levin is the third and final tool in the FX chain of the mastering session that Alex Solano has prepared for this tutorial series. Here’s how we’ll make our track competitively loud and even punchier.


Session saving in the Antelope Audio Control Panel

The Antelope Audio software Control Panel allows you to save all settings as a separate preset file. Those can be recalled later and will spare you a lot of time. You can save and load anything from routing scenarios, FX racks, gain levels and reverb settings. It’s great we have a skilled educator as Alex Solano to show you how easy and convenient this preset saving function actually is.

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We hope you enjoyed this series presented by Alex Solano.

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