Demystifying the Antelope Control Panel

Welcome to our latest series presented by Alex Solano.

Alex Solano is an independent producer, sound engineer and an experienced online educator. This tutorial series is our fourth collaboration with him. Here he’ll be revealing all secrets of the Antelope Audio Control Panel. Find more about Alex Solano on: //



For this session, Alex is closely inspecting everything you will see right after you launch the Antelope Audio Control Panel for the first time. From the On and Off button, to color-coded routing matrix, to the settings screen – you are all covered. Let the ‘Demystification’ commence!



The intuitive color-coded routing matrix is one of the most signature features of our Control Panel. Here are all tips and tricks Alex Solano has prepared for you on the subject of routing with Antelope Audio.


Recording to a DAW

In this video our host Alex Solano will show you how easy is to record any incoming audio signal in your Antelope Audio interface straight to your DAW of choice.


Setting up Returns

Another powerful feature of the Zen Tour Control Panel is the possibility to set up multiple returns from your computer audio to the Zen Tour mixers. Let’s see how Alex Solano does this!


Processing iTunes audio

If you’ve enjoyed the previous part of this tutorial where Alex Solano has taught us how to set up returns you’ll enjoy this as well. Check out how you can route your iTunes signal so you can test the Antelope Audio AFX.


Session saving in the Antelope Audio Control Panel

The Antelope Audio software Control Panel allows you to save all settings as a separate preset file. Those can be recalled later and will spare you a lot of time. You can save and load anything from routing scenarios, FX racks, gain levels and reverb settings. It’s great we have a skilled educator as Alex Solano to show you how easy and convenient this preset saving function actually is.

Get more tips from the pros:

We hope you enjoyed this series presented by Alex Solano.

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