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Compatible with the Avid HDX, HD Native and HD Thunderbolt Native systems via two HDX ports allowing for a total of 64 channels of audio. The interface also works with MADI and USB 3.0 for easy integration with your studio. Avoid bouncing between session by taking advantage of simultaneous operation from all ports, and work on multiple DAWs at once.


High-resolution sound on the way in is provided by AD converter with 124dB headroom and DA with 129dB, for artefact-free recording and signature clocking technology for increased width, separation and detail. Articulate audio reproduction is guaranteed by a DA monitor converter with 136dB headroom.


32 channels of analog ins and 32 analog outs are available via eight DB25 connectors. Digital I/O includes 64 channels of MADI, 16 channels of ADAT, and S/PDIF. Combine your sources with 4x Direct Monitoring Mixers that allow you to create additional sub-mix set-ups and monitor through a dedicated reverb in real time with imperceptible latency. You also have balanced TRS stereo monitor outs and a pair of word clock outs plus an input to distribute the highly stable clock to your entire studio. 


The interface comes with the full library of 38 FX, modeled down to component level after vintage analog gear. Enjoy the Impresser compressor, VEQ series of equalizers and many more emulations from around the world. Every effect runs in real-time on an intergrated FPGA platform, which saves your host computer CPU and memory.  See the FX here.

“When I heard the Orion 32HD | Gen 3 that’s when I knew it was right for me. It sounds like what you are putting into it, there is no change and that is exactly what I want.”

Beau Burchell

Composer, Producer, Drummer (Saosin)

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$3 995.00