What upgrades do I get with
the Orion 32+ | Gen 3?

Upgraded Sound

The Orion 32+ | Gen 3 reaches a significant milestone in the Antelope sound with its improved convertors and clocking technology. With even more headroom in AD & DA conversion than the Orion 32, you will enjoy artifact-free recording and distinct instrument separation.

Expandable FX Library

Start producing with plugins emulating iconic studio equipment, processed at the lowest latency and in real-time. Set up your effect signal chain on 16 channels, each of which has 8 insert slots.

Extra New Features

Connect your monitors to the 2x Monitor outs and hear your sound in great detail with the 129 dB headroom provided by a dedicated mastering-grade converter. Combine your sources with 4x Direct Monitoring Mixers that allow you to create additional sub-mix set-ups and monitor through a dedicated reverb in real time with imperceptible latency.

More Channels Over Thunderbolt

Thanks to the Thunderbolt connection and custom-built drivers for Win & Mac, you will be able to record 64 channels of I/O and to expand your hardware & native DAW set-up even further, with the possibility to daisy-chain your two Orion 32’s, achieving the remarkable 64 channels of analog I/O with full DAW integration.

Improved Workflow

Do all your work from the upgraded Control Panel – from routing to loading effects and setting up mixes. The color-coded routing matrix operates just like digital patch-bay and will help you route any sound to any source while saving you time. Run DAW playback channels through effects and integrate external compressors or other analog gear – the flexibility of the matrix is broad. When you are done, use the Session Save option so you can continue later from where you left off.

Orion 32 | Gen 3 has already been awarded for quality and innovation by Resolution Magazine. The stable hardware and software components of the interface are designed with an eye to the future, while paying homage to what made the original Orion 32 great. Acclaimed by studio professionals, the new interface comes with a 2-year warranty.

What do I need to do?

You can purchase the Orion 32+ | Gen 3 directly from our website by applying the unique 30% off code you received on your email. Our sales representatives are available to answer all your questions on the Upgrade Deal. You will be able to use the two Orion 32’s in conjunction as we do not require the return of your old interface. The Upgrade Deal is applicable only to selected Orion 32 users.