From the racks of the Pros
straight to your studio

How to install the Presets From The Pros

  • Download the presets.
  • Extract them to a designated folder, which is convenient and easily accessible for you.

To load a preset:

  • Click on the Session Load button in your Antelope Audio device Control Panel.
  • Click Browse and navigate to the folder where you extracted the presets.
  • Select the preset you’d like to use and click Load.

“Igor and the Antelope engineers meticulously developed these plug-ins to sound exactly like the real hardware.”

Michael Brauer

An Antelope Audio user and endorser for over 8 years now, Michael Brauer is one of our most advanced users. His current workflow is centered around two Orion32 HD’s for their unbeatable analog I/O count, hardware effects and sound quality.

“These compressors and EQs kill me. They sound as great or better than anything out there.”

Brian Vibberts

Brian Vibberts has prepared over 30 presets not only to be used by other engineers and artists, and he’s now sharing the very stacks he’s using in his own mixes. His presets feature a wide range of scenarios for drums, bass, vocals, guitars piano and Mix Bus.

These are complex configurations Brian meticulously programmed, based on his award winning mixing techniques.

“The FPGA FX are the closest thing to the real hardware I’ve ever heard.”

Mick Guzauski

Mick Guzauski (Nathan “Mick” Guzauski) is a multi-platinum Sound Engineer and Producer. He won a 2002 Latin Grammy for Thalía’s “Arrasando”, four 2004 Latin Grammys for Alejandro Sanz’s “No Es Lo Mismo” (including Best Engineered Album), and the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, for Eric Clapton’s “Back Home.”

“Orion32 HD just sounds fantastic, everything else just sounds thinner a little bit more brittle, a little more harsher…”

Greg Wells

Dedicated to the brand for our impeccable sound, conversion and clocking technologies, he’s grown a hue fan and an advanced user of our FPGA FX library. Among his favorites in our vintage FX models find the Antelope Audio recreations of legendary units like the BA-6A, the 1176 and the VEQ-4K series.