Auto-Tune Synergy + Vocal Bundle

Auto-Tune Synergy + Vocal Bundle

Synergy Core Vocal Effects Bundle

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With Auto-Tune’s famous pitch correction and the selection included in the Vocal Bundle, you get the special tools to produce vocals, exactly how you want them to sound. What’s included:

• Auto-Tune Synergy (Vocal Pitch Correction)

Custom-built for our Synergy Core interfaces, Auto-Tune Synergy offers the core functionality professional Auto-Tune users rely on with a sleek interface and extremely low-latency. Deliver the best vocal performance with the real-time pitch correction effect.

• BAE 1073MP (Mic Preamp)

Modeled after a gold-standard British analog preamp known for its warmth and musicality. Its sonic signature is ubiquitous to the point of needing no further introduction.

• BAE 10DCF (Compressor)

BAE 10DCF originates from the end of the 1960s. Taking the best from a legendary line of broadcasting units, this stereo compressor has been turned into an extremely versatile processor. This official emulation of a classic vintage unit can be used as both a limiter and compressor.

• BAE-1073 (Equalizer)

Born in the ’70s, the channel EQ module this plugin was modeled after has been surely used on all your favorite records. Inspired by the hardware original, we made sure this beast can give your sound that very specific analog punch, which top producers have been cashing in on for decades now!

• RD47 (Tube Mic Preamp)

RD47 is an authentic recreation of one of Abbey Road Studios’ most iconic valve line amps which defined the beautiful sound of the 1960s. It was used to amplify every single stage of the audio signal path, meaning mic pres, line outs, hardware sends and monitor outs were all treated with RD-47’s signature analog punch.