Key Тechnologies

Superior clocking
& pristine

The clocking technology behind our audio interfaces is a direct descendent of our Isochrone line of ultra-high-end professional studio master clocks. This superior onboard clocking is the key to our high-resolution AD/DA conversion and overall audio quality.
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Synergy Core
real-time effects processing

The Synergy Core platform enables you to apply onboard analog-modeled and 3rd party effects during live tracking, recording, and post-production. The processing takes place in real-time and with near zero latency, without ever putting a strain on your computer.
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Designing our discrete preamps starts with studying the great console preamps of the past. We use a combination of transistors that results in less noise and, most importantly, precise sound capture. Because there is one thing all recording engineers value – transparency.
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Browse our audio interface families

For home-based creators and traveling professionals

What аudio interface
do I need?

Project/home-based studios
and traveling professionals

The Zen audio interfaces have small footprint which enables our users to have professional studio-quality recordings wherever they are. The two smaller audio interfaces from that family, the Zen Go & Zen Q, are entirely bus-powered. The Zen Tour, in contrast, has extended analog I/O with a number of Hi-Z instrument level inputs in addition to two dedicated reamp outputs. It also features our advanced digital routing matrix, which functions as a virtual patch-bay. These features make the Zen Tour the better choice for more complicated setup configurations.

1 home studio

projects and recording
of larger acts

For mobile professionals with extended monitoring needs, we offer Discrete 4, featuring four headphone outputs in a small footprint – you can read more about the flexibility of the interface here. The Discrete 8 offers more preamps and has reamp outputs which makes it the premier choice if you have a large band.

Professional studios
and live acts

For those who need little more than pristine conversion and a high number of line I/O to connect their outboard audio gear, we offer the Orion 32+ | Gen 3 – a 32-channel audio interface with dedicated mastering-grade monitor outputs.  The Orion Studio Synergy Core with its 12 discrete preamps, is an all-encompassing solution for any professional recording studio.

High-end recording facilities

Our professional audio interfaces made for high-end studios include the Galaxy 32 and Galaxy 64. These devices offer ground-breaking numbers of analog and digital inputs and outputs. They can simultaneously deliver all their analog I/O to all their digital I/O at a maximum sample rate. This unprecedented feature is ideal for those who wish to power multiple systems at once without compromising sound or performance.