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Privacy Declaration for microphone features in Satori Remote Software

We get that your privacy is important. We want our users to know that the microphone features in the Antelope Audio Software “Satori Remote” does not record or store any information.

By using the Antelope Audio application, your voice is not being recorded anywhere.

The microphone in the Satori Remote Software allows your voice to be transferred to your audio device. The audio is not passing through any third party application, services or systems. The only path of the audio is through the computer where Your device is connected. The only reason to access the microphone is to allow the user to talk back over the Antelope device.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and honoring the integrity of your personal information. If, at any point, the Satori Remote Software is updated or changed in the way that any kind of personal information is processed, Antelope Audio will inform its users in advance.

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