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Refer your friends, get up to $2000 worth of effects

Do you share your passion for music with your friends? Send your unique link to a fellow music maker and you can both get a $200 gift voucher for effects, which can be spent in our Software Store. You can get a maximum of 10 gift vouchers and collect up to $2000 worth of effects. Follow these four steps and start earning your rewards:

refer a fr pic
refer one


Go to your Antelope Audio user account and navigate to the “Refer a friend” tab

refer two


Copy your unique link and send it to your friends to use when registering their new account

refer three


After someone activates a new device on that account, both of you will get a $200 gift voucher

refer four


Find your gift vouchers in the My Offers tab and spend them in the Software Store. Enjoy!

Details and Limitations

To get your unique link, you need to have a registered user account on and at least one device activated in it in the past. After registration, your referred friends have 90 days to activate a new Antelope Audio device. Read the full Terms & Conditions here.


Do I need to own an Antelope Audio device to refer a friend?

You are eligible for participation if you’ve had at least one device activated in your account in the past, even if you do not currently have an active device.

How many friends can I refer?

You can refer as many friends as you want. However, the maximum amount of gift vouchers you can collect on one user account is 10.

What happens if I refer friends, but they don’t activate a new device?

If your friends don’t activate an Antelope Audio device on their new user account in 90 days after registration, the referral link expires automatically and you will not be able to claim the gift voucher.

How long is the referral link valid?

Once a user account has been created via the link, the user has 90 days to activate a new Antelope Audio device in order to receive a gift voucher.

What effects can I get with my gift voucher?

You can use the gift voucher for all effects in our Software Store, except for Auto-Tune Synergy, afx2daw and Instinct Synergy.

Do I need to make a minimum purchase of effects to apply my gift voucher?

No, the gift voucher can discount the entire price of your effects order up to $200.

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