Pure2 is a high-end mastering converter, powered by Antelope Audio’s legendary clocking and pristine analog circuitry

Pure2 is a mastering-grade 24-bit, 192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter and master clock that includes a relay-controlled volume attenuator. It features Antelope Audio’s world-renowned Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology, and also utilizes pristine analog circuitry, driven by a proprietary multi-stage linear power supply for unsurpassed digital clarity and analog realism.



Improved overload handling for smoother clipping and analog warmth, handled by PCM4222


Dedicated D/A converter for greater convenience, allows monitoring a secondary source


Dual DAC architecture for enhanced stereo imaging and signal-to-noise ratio


A -1dB stepped relay attenuator with 0.05dB precision and full bypass option


Sharp conversion timing via 4th gen AFC jitter management technology


Super intuitive OS X & Windows compatible software panel

Pure 2 features

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Five high-performance components:

A/D converter with optimized overloads handling

The famous Burr-Brown (TI) A/D converter PCM4222 is unsurpassed in terms of sound quality and performance.

D/A converter with dual DAC architecture

The separate DAC chips for the left and the right channel tremendously enhance the soundstage and signal-to-noise ratio.

High-end headphone amp with a dedicated D/A converter

The dedicated headphone DAC not only provides greater convenience and routing flexibility, but the option to monitor a secondary source independent from the main outs.

Relay-based analog volume control for accurate monitoring

Pure2 features Antelope’s high end analog volume control with a stepped relay attenuator allowing 0.05 dB precision for optimal monitoring transparency.

Master clock with 4th generation of Antelope’s AFC jitter management

The flawless clocking in Pure2 is ensured by the same oven-controlled crystal oscillator technology from Antelope’s flagship master clock Trinity and the top-seller Orion32 AD/DA.
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Given its price and its incredible flexibility and functionality, the Pure2 is an excellent option for mastering and archiving studios.”


Photo by Sophie Brill

Jessica Thompson is a GRAMMY-nominated mastering and restoration engineer and audio archivist at Coast Mastering in Berkeley, California.
Her remaster of Erroll Garner’s iconic live performance The Complete Concert By the Sea (Sony/Legacy) was nominated for Best Historical Album GRAMMY, 2016


Access all Pure2 features via Mac & PC app or through the front-panel controls

All Pure2 features are available in an intuitive software control panel for Mac or Windows provides users the ability to manage all facets of the device operation. Pure2 is also configurable via the front panel with user-definable presets.

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We know the engineer’s life is not a glamorous one. So we tried to make it easier.

You can set up Pure2 in a couple of minutes. All you actually need is one USB cable (provided in the box) and a laptop of your choosing (Win 7.1 or higher / Mac OSx 10.9 or higher) and you can start capturing stereo audio at 192 kHz.

After setting it up, just download the Control Panel, a few clicks and you’re set.

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Analog Inputs

2 x Combo Balanced Analog (XLR / 1/4 TRS) factory calibrated to +20dBu


Digital Inputs

1 x AES/EBU on XLR (32kHz to 192kHz) @ 110 Ohms terminated
1 x S/PDIF on RCA (32kHz to 192kHz) @ 75 Ohms terminated
1 x TOSLINK on optical fiber: up to 96kHz


Word Clock Input

1 x Input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 – 192kHz


Analog Outputs

1 x Stereo pair of Balanced XLR Outputs from D/A Converter (Main Output) is factory calibrated to 20dBu
1 x Stereo pair Balanced Outputs for monitors (2 x 1/4 TRS)
1 x 1/4 TRS Front Headphones 20dBu


Digital Outputs

1 x AES/EBU on XLR (32kHz to 192kHz) @ 110 Ohms terminated
1 x S/PDIF on RCA (32kHz to 192kHz) @ 75 Ohms terminated
1 x TOSLINK on optical fiber: up to 96kHz


Word Clock Outputs

8 x Outputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 – 192kHz


USB 2.0 Hi-Speed; Data stream up to 480Mbits/192kHz,
4 channels I/O for playback and 2 channels I/O for record, Type B


External Reference Clock

x 10M Atomic Clock Input @ 75 Ohms 1Vpp on BNC
1 x Word Clock Input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 – 192kHz


A/D Converter

Dynamic Range: 122dB
THD+N: -105dB


D/A Converters

Main DAC Dynamic Range 127dB; THD+N -107dB
Monitor DAC Dynamic Range 120dB; THD+N -103dB
Headphones DAC Dynamic Range 120dB; THD+N -100dB


Clock Specifications

<+/-0.02 PPM, oven controlled at 64.5°C/ 148.1°F


Clock Aging

< 1 ppm per year


Clock Calibration

< +/-0.001 ppm

Atomic Clock Input

10MHz @ 1Vpp, BNC


Sample Rates (kHz)

32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192


Operating Temperature

0-50°C, 32-122°F



3 kg, 6.6 lb approx.


Dimensions (Approx)

483mm(W) x 44mm(H) x 220mm (D)
19”(W) x 1.75”(H) x 8.66”(D)


Power Supply

~110VAC 60Hz/ ~220VAC 50Hz selectable


Atomic Clock Input

1 x 10M Input @ 75 Ohms 1Vpp on BNC



2 x 0.8A 250VAC 5mm x 20mm Type T (or Time delay)

Additional Info: Internet connection required for product activation.