I know I can’t live without making the 10MX as part of my daily work life. It’s unbelievable what clocking done right can do for your music…”

gregGreg Wells is a multiple Grammy nominated record producer, songwriter, musician, and mix engineer in Los Angeles. His credits are Holychild, Katy Perry, Mayer Hawthorne, Greg Holden, Adele, Twenty One Pilots, Pharrell Williams, Rufus Wainwright, Theophilus London, Mika, Timbaland, OneRepublic, Deftones, Pink, Kid Cudi, Burt Bacharach, k. d. lang, Otep, Sir George Martin, and the Count Basie Orchestra.

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10MX features the atomic precision of 10M and Trinity’s groundbreaking jitter management algorithm

10MX is the newest and the premier member of the Isochrone family. It features technologies from two of Antelope’s legendary products. The atomic precision of the 10M and the sophisticated jitter-management algorithm of Trinity are combined in a futuristic, 1U rack space enclosure, providing the world’s most stable and musical clocking.

10MX is a fusion of proven technologies and contemporary industrial design, where no compromises are allowed and both build-quality, and performance-excellence are top priority. The new Rubidium Atomic Clock is an epiphany of more than 20 years’ expertise in the digital audio world, making vividly real the clarity, depth, width and 3-dimensionality distinctive of the analog sound.

10mx features

4 WORD CLOCK outputs

The master clock beast: 4 Word Clock outputs allowing up to 768 kHz


Flawless clocking powered by Antelope Audio’s world-renowned jitter management algorithm


The 10MX’s multiple atomic outputs allow up to 10 devices to be simultaneously clocked

Additional outputs

2 x S/PDIF and 2 x AES/EBU master clocking outputs up to 192 kHz


Intuitive Software Control Panel

PC/Mac connection

PC/Mac connection via USB, allowing remote control and firmware upgrades

10M & Trinity’s legacy



10MX fits any studio environment – from recording to mixing and mastering

10MX is perfectly suited for recording, mixing and mastering environments. Its form factor, occupying only 1U of rack space, makes it ideal for live sound application where rack slots are precious commodity.

The multiple atomic outputs allow up to 10 devices to be clocked simultaneously over BNC outputs of 10MHz. The unit can also be used as a master clock with 4 outputs, supporting the outstanding sampling rate of up to 768 kHz via BNC. Two more clocking outputs are available via AES and two via S/PDIF.

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‘I’ve always been skeptical about people saying that they use a word clock. This is one of the first times I’ve actually had the time to sit down and do it… and I’m shocked”

paulPAUL BEVAN is one of New York’s busiest and most in-demand Sound Engineers, Production and Tour Managers, working on a wide variety of major corporate, special event and music projects, including: Hall & Oates, Boston Pops, World Economic Forum, NBC Today Show Summer Concert Series, US Open Tennis Finals, Lord of the Rings live to Projection, Re-dedication of Grand Central Terminal, and many other prestigious events.

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Access all features of 10MX via its user-friendly software app or from the sleek front panel

The new Rubidium Atomic Clock is equally easy manageable either from the front panel or the intuitive software control panel available for OS X and Windows, connecting via a USB port.

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The 10MX continues the legacy of the world renowned 10M and Trinity

The new Rubidium Atomic Clock is an epiphany of more than 20 years’ expertise in the digital audio world, making vividly real the clarity, depth, width and 3-dimensional distinctive of the analog sound.

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    • Phase Noise (SSB)

1Hz ≤-70 dBc/Hz
10Hz ≤-87 dBc/Hz
100Hz ≤-114 dBc/Hz
1kHz ≤-130 dBc/Hz
10kHz ≤-140 dBc/Hz

    • Short-Term Stability

t=1s ≤3E-11
t=10s ≤1.6E-11
t=100s ≤8E-12
Time drift in a 24-hr period:

    • Warm-Up Time

8 – 10 minutes (depends on ambient temperature)

    • Word Clock Input

1 x Word Clock Input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 44.1 – 384kHz

    • Maximum shock

Non-operating, flight case mounted:
100m/s2 (~10.2 g*), 11 msec half-sine pulse per IEC 60068-2-27:2008
Non-operating, in original packing:
300m/s2 (~30.6 g*), 5 msec half-sine pulse per IEC 60068-2-27:2008
* g – gravitational acceleration

    • Outputs

Word Clock: 4 x BNC

    • Word Clock Outputs

4 x Word Clock Outputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 44.1 – 768 kHz square wave signal

    • USB I/O

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed; Data stream up to 480Mbits/384kHz, Type B

    • Clocking System

4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking
64-bit DDS
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

    • Clock Stability

<+/-0.0 2 PPM, oven controlled at 64.5 °C

    • Atomic Reference Type

Rubidium Ultra-Stable Resonance-Controlled Master Oscillator

    • Frequency

10 MHz

    • Frequency Accuracy

Better than ±5E-11 @25C (±0.05 PPB)

    • Aging

Daily* ±2.5E-11
Monthly* ±1E-10
Yearly ±1E-9
(*After 1 day & 1 month of operation respectively)

    • Atomic Clock Outputs

10 x BNC Sinusoidal, 10MHz, 75 Ohm, 1Vp typical (unload)

    • Sample Rates (kHz)

32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384, 768

    • Word Clock Specs

TTL Level, 75 Ohm Output Impedance

    • USB

USB 2.0 Full-Speed, Type B, only for control

    • Operating Temperature

0-50°C, 32-122°F

    • Weight

2.8 kg/6.17 lb

    • Dimensions

482.6 (W) х228 (D) х 44 (H) mm
19 (W) x 9 (D) x 1.73 (H) inch

    • Power Supply


    • Power Consumption

15 W

    • Humidity

30 – 80% RH non-condensing

    • Power Supply Input

100 – 240 V~

Additional Info: Internet connection required for product activation.