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…the most important component in any serious Pro Tools studio…

For the listening test, I recalled a mix I’d just sent off to Bob Ludwig for mastering. I heard the difference with the new clock almost immediately, and kept asking to switch back and forth between the Antelope and my old Big Ben. Within two minutes, I felt this hilarious combination of excitement to hear my music sounding at least 25% better forever from that point on, but also this tingly weird disappointment that all my prior work hadn’t used this clocking system! I sent Bob Ludwig the same mix but this time with the new clocking setup. He liked it better and mastered the song again, replacing the first version.

You have to hear the difference. It’s not subtle. Probably the most important component in any serious Pro Tools studio, because it makes everything sound much better and alive.

Greg Wells is a Grammy nominated producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles who has worked with Mika, Katy Perry, Timbaland, OneRepublic, Pink, Jamie Cullum, Alexz Johnson, J Davey, The Deftones, Rufus Wainwright, k.d. lang, Otep, The Veronicas, Lindsay Lohan, Natasha Bedingfield, Ryan Cabrera, The Pussycat Dolls, Creeper Lagoon, Amy Correia, Jewel, Jesse McCartney, Michelle Branch, Anna Waronker, Celine Dion, Ozzy Osbourne, Jars of Clay, Aerosmith, Elton John, and Ahmet Ertegun.  CD’s featuring Greg’s songs have sold over 60 million units worldwide.

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