Mono, stereo or 360° audio
Mic modeling perfected


Forget latency
Thunderbolt™ Driver for Windows.
Now compatible with Discrete 4, Discrete 8, Orion Studio Rev2017, Orion Studio,
Zen Tour, Orion 32+, Goliath HD, Goliath and Zen Studio+.



Digital clarity / Analog warmth

Antelope Audio has packed more than 20 years of experience in digital audio clocking, conversion and analog circuit design. We are dedicated to helping people achieve high-definition sound both in the recording studio and home environment.

Our 20 years in the industry brought us to the development of our 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm, responsible for our flawless clocking. You probably know it from Antelope’s signature crystal-based master clocks, that clock even our competitors products.

Antelope's legacy


At Antelope Audio we say that best clock equals best sound.
So, it’s no surprise our acclaimed 4th Gen Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm is responsible for the flawless clocking our professional audio products provide.


Guitar players will surely fall in love with our powerful FPGA-based engine. We include the stunning AuraVerb reverb, several modern and vintage hardware EQ and compressor models.
Our vintage FX were developed in a partnership with Overloud Audio Tools, one of the leaders in guitar software.

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Antelope’s tech support crew is composed of sound engineers, musicians, DJ’s, programmers, so there is no question left unanswered.
Add to this the comprehensive support documentation featured on our website and you can figure out what Antelope stands for.

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Edge Quadro

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Edge Duo

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Edge Solo

Premium Upgrade Pack<br>for Discrete 8

Premium Upgrade Pack
for Discrete 8

Premium Upgrade Pack<br>for Discrete 4

Premium Upgrade Pack
for Discrete 4

Discrete 4 Bundle

Discrete 4 Bundle

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