Bringing FPGA FX modeling to any DAW

With afx2daw you will be able to use your favourite Antelope FX in the DAW. Currently available for Thunderbolt™ on macOS


AFX2DAW connects the best of both worlds by effectively amalgamating the industry acclaimed Antelope Audio FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) modeling engine with the advantages of the fast and intuitive DAW workflow. This convenience comes with near-zero latency and without burdening the CPU of the computer.


AFX2DAW enables users to employ the real-time FPGA FX power in their preferred DAW environment allowing them to spend their time focusing not on technicalities and routing but on writing and producing music instead.

AFX2DAW is another Antelope Audio-curated example the future of audio is where hardware and software meet to create next level recording and post-production solutions.

AFX2daw now available for


$399.00BUY NOW


$399.00BUY NOW


$399.00BUY NOW


AFX2DAW comes free of charge for all Discrete 4 and Discrete 8 Premium Pack users.
Don't miss out, upgrade now and get up to 16 channels for Discrete 4 or Discrete 8 directly in your DAW.

Premium Upgrade Pack for Discrete 4

$299.00BUY NOW

Premium Upgrade Pack for Discrete 8

$499.00BUY NOW

AFX2DAW – a bridge between FPGA FX modeling and any DAW

The AFX2DAW is a revolutionary plugin available for all Thunderbolt™-equipped Antelope Audio interfaces. It’s a link between the powerful FPGA FX modeling and the smooth workflow of modern day DAWs.

The power of the FPGA FX – A Talk with Antelope Audio founder Igor Levin

The FPGA modeling platform is one of the signature features of the Antelope Audio interfaces. Hear all about the modeling potential of this engine by Antelope Audio founder Igor Levin himself.






What is AFX2DAW?

AFX2DAW is software FPGA bridge. The sole purpose of this software is to deliver the processing free environment and easy to use workflow to our users. and enable the use of FPGA based effects as plugin inserts in your preferred DAW.

How many AFX2DAW plugins can I load in one DAW session?

You may load up to 16 AFX2DAW plug in instances per session.

How many AFX per instance can I use?

The AFX2DAW Plug in, works as mirror to your FPGA Based Effects.
It loads up to 4 effects per plug in instance.

Is AFX2DAW Mono or Stereo?

It can be used on mono or stereo channels.

How many effects per model can I load with my AFX2DAW?

It can load the same amount of effects as your Discrete FPGA Engine. The amount of processing power left is marked on the side to each effect when the cursor of the mouse is hovered there.

Can I use the AFX2DAW Plug in when my control panel is closed?

The plugin does not work when the Antelope Control panel is closed. It should be open in order to use the AFX2DAW.

Does my CPU processing gets affected when I use AFX2DAW?

AFX2DAW software does not use your computer CPU to process the plugins or any I/O audio stream.
We do use our internal audio interface engine. You still get CPU free processing.

Your CPU will be only taxed with the visual processing on the AFX2DAW. Even this can be avoided when AFX2DAW view is closed after settings configuration or automation is done.

Can I use the AFX2DAW software under USB?

AFX2DAW is currently available only through Thunderbolt for Apple OS X.

Can I use the AFX2DAW software without Premium Pack Code?

AFX2DAW is currently available for Discrete 8/4 Premium AFX Pack Users Only.

For which devices is the AFX2DAW available?

AFX2DAW is currently available for the following devices:

System Requirements

  • Discrete 4/8 Premium Pack with Valid Claim Code
  • Computer Hardware:
    Apple Mac 2012 or newer, equipped with a compatible Thunderbolt™ port
  • Operating System:
    Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan or newer OS with compatible Antelope Audio Software
  • Additional Software:
    Antelope Launcher v.1.8.3 or newer
    Antelope Audio Unified Driver 3.26 or newer
    Server 1.6.4 or newer
    Control panel 1.7.0 or newer
  • Minimum DAW Version (only the listed DAWs and their higher versions are supported):
    Logic Pro X
    Ableton 9
    Pro Tools 12 and Ultimate (works up to 48kHz)
    Cubase 9.5
    Reaper 5
    Studio One 3

All of the software can be downloaded when Launcher 1.8.3 is started.

For more information, visit our customer support section.