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For the Referral Program “Refer a friend”

This Referral Program (“Program”) is intended to stimulate the positive feedback between current and potential clients of Antelope Audio. This Program will motivate our customers to share their impression of our products with their friends and social media group contacts.


I. Official terms and conditions

1.1. The Program is conducted under the present terms and conditions (hereinafter referred as “Terms”) and all participants in the Program (both referrers and referees) shall comply with these Terms.

1.2. Participation in the Program constitutes participant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Terms.

1.3. This Terms are initially approved and published on November 19th 2021, which is the Program Commencement Date

1.4. Antelope Audio retains its right to amend or supplement these Terms, where the amendments and supplements shall enter into force after these are published on the company’s website.


II. Eligible participants

2.1. Who can refer a friend (be a referrer)?

Any user who has ever had at least one Antelope Audio device, that has been properly activated through its user’s account (“Antelope Account”).

2.2. Who can be a referee?

Any person who wants to create an Antelope Audio account.


III. How to participate?

3.1. The referrers may participate by sharing a referral link with their friends and contacts. The referral link for each user is unique and is available in the User Area (“Refer a friend” section) of the user’s Antelope Account.

3.2. To be entitled to receive the award/s defined below, the referrer and referee/s need to follow and perform each of the following steps:

Referrer needs to share the referral link with potential new clients and invite friends to become Antelope Audio users;

Referees shall follow the unique referral link (provided by Referrer) and create an Antelope account through the webpage, which opens when following the referral link;

! If an user doesn’t use the referral link for the registration process, he/she will not be qualified as referee and will not be able to enjoy the award of this Program.

The new user (referee) activates a NEW hardware device through its Antelope Account within 90 days as of registration by using the referral link in order to be eligible to claim the reward*.

* If there is no activation of a device within the given term, the right of the referee and referrer to receive the award expires.

* B-Stock devices are not considered NEW for the purpose of this program. Therefore, activation of a B-Stock device does not make referee and/or referrer eligible for receiving the determined below bonus/award.

3.3. Any referrer may have up to 10 referees. If the limit for use of the referral link is reached the referral link becomes invalid.


IV. Granting of award. Rules for using the award

4.1. Once the referee activates a new device (B-stock devices not acceptable) through its Antelope Account within 90 days of creating the account by using the referral link, each of the referrer and referee will be rewarded with a promo code for $200 to be used for all effects and products in the Software store of Antelope Audio, available at, with the exceptions of art.4.5

4.2. Following the fulfillment of the steps under Section III, both the referrer and the referee will receive an e-mail informing them that the award is available in the “My offers” section at the User area of their Antelope Account.

4.3. Users will not be required to buy any extra product on the Software Store in excess of the 200$ (USD) bonus promo code. (This does not release the client from paying this part of the price for the selected effect, which exceeds the promo code value).

4.4. The Promo code may not be used for purchase of hardware products.

4.5. The awarded promo codes may be used for all Antelope Audio effects available at the Software store, except for AFX2DAW and except for effects of third parties or developed with the license of third parties, such as the effects Autotune and Instinct synergy. Antelope Audio reserves the right to also exclude other effects by amending these Terms and publishing the new version on its website. The amended Terms will apply for new users (referees), who have created an Antelope Audio account after the publication of the amended Terms.

4.6. To use their awards, participants must enter the received promo code (Coupon code) at and push “apply” before clicking the “Proceed to payment” button.

! One promo code may be used only once. If the price of the selected effect is less than 200$ (USD) the remainder of the promo code may not be reused.

4.7. If referrer is entitled to more than one award, they will receive a different promo/coupon codes for each referee. The referrer may use one promo code for one purchase. The received promo codes cannot be accumulated.

4.8. Promo codes cannot be combined with another promotions or discounts. If referrer’s and/or referee’s choice is a discounted product, its price will be recalculated at regular price.


V. Communication

5.1. Antelope audio will send reminder e-mails to referees, which have created Antelope Accounts using the referral link, but have still not activated a new device. The reminder e-mails will be sent around the 68th, 80th and 85th day as of the registration of new Antelope Account with a referral link. Participants agree to receive these e-mails and acknowledge that these are in their favor.

5.2. If the limit of 10 uses for use of the referral link is reached, the referee applying for registration of an Antelope Account will be informed before completing the registration process.


VI. Organizer

This Program is organized by Elektrosfera Ltd. doing business under the trade name Antelope Audio, which is the manufacturer of the Antelope Audio branded products. More info at The Program is carried out with the kind assistance of the operator of the online store – the company Earbyte Ltd.

Initially approved and published: November 19th, 2021
Last update: April 10th, 2024

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