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The BAE-1073 is based on a legendary hardware EQ that has been used in studios for decades. It’s considered an industry standard for its warm sound and versatility.

A Look Back At Its History

The BAE-1073 is known for its classic British sound and was used on some of the most iconic recordings of all time. It was originally designed in the early 1970s. The EQ became an instant classic when it was released, and it’s still considered one.

Many popular records have been made using the original hardware BAE EQ, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run. The EQ has also been used on countless hits by artists like Madonna, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce. In modern times, it’s hard for this unit not to be found in top studios all over the world.

Best Application

The BAE-1073 is famous for its warm, musical sound. It’s often used on vocals and drums, but it can be used on any source. It’s a very versatile EQ, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular. It includes three different EQ modes: high pass, low pass, and band pass. Each mode has its own unique sound. The high pass mode is great for removing unwanted frequencies, like rumble or spill. The low pass mode is perfect for adding weight to a track or taming harsh frequencies. The band pass mode is somewhere in between, and it’s great for shaping the overall sound of a track.

Antelope Audios BAE-1073 reigns superior when it came to modeling the original EQ. Like all Antelope audio modeled effects, we used our proprietary FPGA technology to get as close as possible to the original sound of the BAE. The result is an EQ that sounds very close to the original. Adding the grit and character of the original without coloring the sound too much, the BAE-1073 is perfect for those who want that classic British EQ sound without sacrificing clarity.

BAE-1073 Tips and Tricks

There are many different ways to use the BAE EQ, but here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. To add weight to a track, try using the low pass mode. The 35 and 60Hz are great. But when you want something even warmer than that, like on female voices or instruments with an acoustic sound; then 110 Hz will do the trick!

Another trick for drums is to boost around 35 Hz to add some thump to your lows and then boost anywhere from 4-8k to add some punch and character to them as well.


How does a BAE-1073 EQ Work?

The BAE EQ works by using a three-band EQ to shape the sound of a track. The three bands are high pass, low pass, and band pass. Each mode has its own unique sound.

How does the BAE-1073 sound?

The BAE EQ has a warm, rich, and full musical sound that is perfect for vocals and drums. It’s also very versatile, so it can be used on any source.

What does BAE Stand for?

BAE is an abbreviation for “Brent Averill Enterprises.” The 1073 EQ was originally designed in the early 1970s by a famous British audio company.