Classic American EQ Bundle

Classic American EQ Bundle 1

Classic American EQ Bundle

Synergy Core Effects Bundle

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With the new release of VEQ-56, our emulation collection of the classic American EQ series from the 60’s is complete. The Classic American EQ Bundle gives you three effects that work best in synergy!

• VEQ-56

The graphic equalizer has got all the EQ bands for you to put the emphasis on the right frequency during a live tracking or mixing session. It is known for many favourable aspects – among them is its high headroom, consistency and ease of use.

• VEQ-55A

Add desired colour and emphasize all the tiny details your mix has been missing. The EQ features three separate bands which will allow you to deliver edge and energy to any instrument you might be tracking live.

• VEQ-55B

The EQ features four separate bands with up to 12 dB of boost or cut. The high and low bands offer the option of switching between a bell curve or shelving behaviour. The unit’s musicality owes in part to the proportional Q behaviour of each band — ranging between a gently sloping Q at more subtle levels of boosting or cutting, and a more aggressive slope at higher levels.