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Whatever music you are into, chances are a 4K has been heavily involved into your favorite records. Still in use in major studios today, superseded by modern technology but never bested by it, the British 4K series large-format mixing consoles are iconic studio pieces that rightfully earned their respected place in recording history. The 4K is THE mixing board of 80s rock and synthpop, and perhaps one of the most revered desks ever.

Enthusiastic as we are about great analog sound, bringing the COMP-4K STRIP to the Synergy Core FX platform is a proud moment for us at Antelope. An actual channel strip from a well-preserved desk was dismounted, painstakingly analyzed and its digital recreation rigorously tested for it to rank among the most faithful 4K reproductions out there.


Enjoy the classic punch, glue, drive and saturation of the iconic desk with no latency and zero CPU load, thanks to the DSP+FPGA Synergy Core processing platform built into your Antelope Audio interface. Strap the COMP-4K-STRIP across the entirety of your session and record, monitor, mix and master through the time-tested circuits. Bring back the analog magic, stay in the box.



On/Standby control

Compressor – Threshold, Ratio, Release, Fast Attack switch

Expander/Gate – Threshold, Range, Release, Expander/Gate switch, Fast Attack switch

Filters – Low-pass, Hi-pass; Routable pre- and post-dynamics processing with switches.

Gain knob for final volume adjustment.