Diode 609

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The hallmark of diode-bridge compressors
in the most faithful digital form

Modeled after one of the most versatile and demanded compressors of all time – the 33609.

This classic from the 80s is known for its unparalleled creamy-thick & smooth sound. Its ability to remain musical and undetected in the chain while compressing and limiting to oblivion has made it a top pick for some of the most hard-hitting and revered mix engineers.

What you can do:

Get unparalleled 2-bus glue
that will bring your mix to life
Bring any track forward in your mix,
whist preserving its smoothness
Energize your drums with one of the most
demanded parallel drum-compressors
Infuse your music with the
legendary British console-character

A true desert island compressor

The 33609 Diode-Bridge compressor offers the perfect blend of character and versatility, which is why it has been heard on hundreds of records in the past four decades. Its unique feedback circuitry generates distinct harmonic energy that fills the empty spaces around your source and creates an illusive creamy thickness and weight. Combined with its musical & forgiving compression, independent limiter, and a plethora of controls, this dense energy can shape the tone of any source and place it in front of your mix. When used on a 2-bus, this Diode-Bridge workhorse can glue your tracks like no other, while bringing your whole mix to life.


Many consider the 33609 to be in a class of its own as it offers no compromise in sound or performance, regardless of the application or source you throw at it. It is the one tool that will deliver when all else fails.


Released in 1985, the 33609 draws its heritage and circuitry from the legendary 2254 and 2253 Diode-Bridge compressors. Pairs of those early 2254 mono-blocks were found in the iconic British 80-series consoles from the 70s and played an essential part in shaping the classic longing Neve sound.


The 33609 was the answer to a growing demand for a stereo-rack version of the 2254. Since its release, it has been strapped to the mix-bus of countless charting records.

How we did it

We found one of that well-preserved vintage 33609s and deconstructed it to its bare bones. We measured every single component from the diodes and transformers, down to the wires and the unique non-linear relationship of the internals. We then individually re-created every one of those components in a digital form and using the original blueprints for the hardware we put together the DIODE 609 – the most faithful and accurate modern recreation of a vintage classic.


To answer the needs of modern hit-makers we added an HP filter in the control chain of the compressor with its own preview button that lets you hear the high-passed signal. We also added a 200ms Recovery setting and a 10:1 Ratio.


The DIODE 609 was developed by Antelope Audio based on proprietary modeling methods and technologies.

AMS Neve Ltd – manufacturer of the original 33609 unit – has not endorsed nor sponsored the DIODE 609 in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.