36 FX Included

Discrete 8 Synergy Core comes with a massive collection of real-time effects taken from the vast Antelope Audio Synergy Core FX library. It goes beyond the essentials. Everything you need to accomplish Recording, Mixing and Mastering is included.

Expandable FX Library

Extend your effects library. Make the most of your productions.

Special Processing

Pedals, Delay & Modulation Effects

Breathe life and movement into your tracks with original takes on classic modulation effects. Pile up all the thickness, crunch, warble and old-school flanging you want without skipping a beat!


Tame peaks, give punch and add color to your tracks with an arsenal of vintage and modern compressors. Each one is a faithful reincarnation of a fabled unit that’s been serving studios around the globe for decades – with the exception of Antelope’s own FeedForward compressors, which we believe you will find quite powerful, yet transparent.


Make your frequency adjustments musically pleasing and as broad or precise as you want them using these classic, time-tested equalizers. Each one is a remarkable achievement in audio engineering and an iconic studio piece that helped shape the sound of genre-defining records. They are now yours to behold with the power of Antelope Audio’s Synergy Core FX platform.

Mic Preamps

Even the greatest studio microphone needs the right preamp to be brought to life. Our effects collection features the finest vintage tube and solid-state mic preamps known in the studio world – rare, hard to find, and exquisite examples of sophisticated audio engineering.

Utility Effects

Home in on your production work with surgical precision and efficiency using Antelope Audio’s assembly of studio utilities. AuraVerb, in particular, is among our proudest works – a versatile and thick-sounding reverb that’s great for adding a realistic sense of space and depth.


With afx2daw you will be able to use your favourite Antelope FX in the DAW. Currently available for Thunderbolt™ on macOS.