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The FET design compressor has become one of the most popular compressor types on the market, and for good reason. It’s the sound that made its introduction in the 1960s and is a favorite among engineers and producers.

The History

Before we can fully understand the capabilities of our FET-A76, we must understand the history of its inspiration. The original sound of these compressors was achieved by using FETs, or field-effect transistors. These are special types of transistors that can be used to create very high impedance circuits. This is what gives the FET design compressor its much sought-after sound. The same holds true for our FET-A76 effect – it captures every nuance of this vintage sound.

The Sonics and Best Applications

The FET-A76 has a unique sound that is very difficult to achieve with other types of compressors. It has a punchy and aggressive sound that is perfect for drums and other percussive instruments. It also has a bright, yet smooth and energetic sound that is perfect for vocals and other melodic instruments. Of course, we can’t forget its uncanny ability to achieve lightning fast attack times which really gives it the upper hand when dealing with unruly transients. This makes the compressor a very versatile tool that fits in any engineer’s arsenal.

The Techniques

With it being so versatile, we find many uses for it. Some of our favorite ways of using the FET-A76 on vocals is to have it stacked alongside the Opto-2A analog-modeled effect. We would use the FET-A76 to catch the initial peak transients and then the Opto-2A compress the rest lightly for a bold yet tamed vocal.


One feature of many is its ability to operate with all four ratio buttons enabled. This allows our FET A-76 to create a more explosive sound with increased harmonic distortion suitable for drum room mics and electrics guitars.


The FET-A76 is one of the most essential compressors that you can have in your effects collection, and is a great tool to have whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro. Do yourself a favor and give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.