Gyratec XIV

Gyratec XIV
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Inspired by the legendary Pultec passive EQP design the Gyraf Audio Gyratec XIV uses the same parallel filter topology as its older predecessor whilst extending its versatility and capability to new staggering heights.

This modern take on the Pultec EQP offers 5 individual bands with 11 switchable frequencies per band, making a whopping number of 55 individual frequency choices to boost or cut. In addition, each of the bands is equipped with variable “Q” and a cut/bypass/boost switch.


What makes the Gyratec XIV a true passive tube EQ is its unique parallel G14 filter design. That allows for a set of inductors and capacitors to switch in and out of the circuit combined with a tube-based makeup gain/output stage.


One of its unique qualities is the behavior of the variable “Q” setting. When a band is set to “boost”, the “Q” is rather wide. When set to “cut” however, the sharpness of the filter becomes much more narrow and aggressive, approaching a notch in extreme settings. That makes the Gyratec XIV both a powerful mastering equalizer and a precise surgical tool.


Another side effect of Gyratecs circuit topology is the subtle widening of the stereo picture when used on stereo sources. When applied on a Mix Bus that effect carves more space in the mix without any audible arteficts or phase deformation.


Here at Antelope Audio we modelled every single component of the original hardware unit, from the inductors & capacitors to the precise impedance of the input and output transformers. We then re-built the Gyratec XIV in a digital form using its original schematics. In addition, our Gyratec XIV AFX offers a mono mode of operation making it an efficient mix tool for practically any source and any situation.


• Record in real-time with near 0 latency using the Gyratec XIV (only with Antelope Audio Synergy Core interfaces)
• Mix with Gyratec XIV using our AFX2DAW plugin (up to 36 instances)
• Apply lush mastering equalization or surgical corrections with precision
• Infuse your tracks with the authentic thickness, depth and character of the hardware unit