Hit Makers FX Bundle

Synergy Core Effects Bundle

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The Hit Makers FX Bundle

The Hit Makers FX Bundle

Four legendary analog signal processors are now bundled together in the ultimate collection of hit makers. Integral to countless iconic recordings in their own way, the effects are sure to add a classic mojo to your projects. These are four of the most popular effects modeled after their analog counterparts in our Synergy Core library.

With afx2daw included, you can easily mix and master with the four effects in supported DAW software.


COMP-4K-BUS (Stereo Bus Compressor)

COMP-4K-BUS is modeled after the famous ‘mix’ glue bus compressor of the 80s. The effect brings together instruments and performances from tens of audio channels into one cohesive whole.

Opto 2A

OPTO-2A (Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter)

Modeled after a legendary optical compressor known for its smooth compression, the OPTO-2A is easy to control and works like a charm on vocals. Use it on instruments when transparent compression is needed.

BAE 1073MP 1

BAE-1073MP (Mic / Line Preamp)

Being one of the most famous mic preamps, the BAE 1073MP has shaped the sound of rock and roll records. Alter the input impedance with a single switch, to control the amount of rich and warm coloration you apply to acoustic instruments and vocals.


Impresser (Stereo Knee Compressor/Limiter)

The Impresser was modeled after one of the most flexible, powerful, and edgy compressors known to the audio world. It adds gentle and warm compression to your tracks or aggressively pumps up any source audio.

afx2daw fxtile

afx2daw (Bridge Plugin)

The afx2daw plug-in lets you use your Synergy Core effects inside most popular DAWs, providing native workflow while keeping all the processing inside the interface.

afx2daw is available for compatible Thunderbolt™ interfaces and Zen Go Synergy Core for macOS & Windows.