Metal Essentials FX Bundle

Let's Mosh

Synergy Core Effects Bundle

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The Let’s Mosh Bundle

With this comprehensive set of metal production tools, you can beef up drums, treat loud vocals and spice up heavy guitars.

The ‘Let’s Mosh’ bundle includes afx2daw* – the software plugin allowing the analog-modeled effects to be used with the convenience of native plugins within your DAW.

VEQ 55A 1

VEQ-55A (3-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)

Cure your sound of its imperfections and add definition with the analog-modeled VEQ-55A effect. It is based on a legendary console from the 1960s that is well known for its unique coloration when applied on any acoustic instrument.


Impresser (Stereo Knee Compressor/Limiter)

The Impresser was modeled after one of the most flexible, powerful, and edgy compressors known to the audio world. It adds gentle and warm compression to your tracks or aggressively pumps up any source audio.


VEQ-4K BLACK (4-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)

Likely the most popular revision of the EQ module, this unit was designed following the recommendations of many of the world’s top engineers. The black EQ is often the preferred choice for vocal and acoustic instruments.

VEQ HA32 C 1

VEQ-HA32C (4-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)

The VEQ-HA32C was inspired by one of the richest and most characteristic-sounding four-band channel EQ modules. Incredibly versatile, it can treat everything — including vocals, bass & electric guitars, and drums.

FET A78 1

FET-A78 (FET Compressor / Stereo Peak Limiter)

The original’s punchy, classic-style compression can be found on a many famous records, as it acts great for processing both instruments and full mixes.

X903 1

X903 (VCA Compressor / Limiter)

The X903 is modeled after a cult compressor module which will add just the right amount of analog punch needed! Equipped with smart RMS detection, the effect will treat your sound to high-end, authentic analog compression and limiting.

RD 47 1

RD47 (Tube Mic Preamp)

RD47 is an authentic recreation of one of Abbey Road Studios’ most iconic valve line amps which defined the beautiful sound of the 1960s.

Filtek MK3

Filtek MK3 (3-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)

Originally designed in the 70’s, the versatile equalizer sounds clear and precise. The Filtek MK3 provides combinations of controls and switches that allow for plenty of experimentation.

NEU W492 1

NEU-W492 (4-Band EQ)

The NEU-W492, based on the circuitry design of the original, carries the signature German sound. It is a favorite mastering tool of generations of record producers and sound engineers.

VEQ STU 900 1

VEQ-STU 900 (4-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)

This EQ is modeled after a channel strip of one of the best-sounding analog mixing desks – the effect lets you shape the sound in fairly extreme ways without deforming it.

Vari Speed

Vari-Speed Tremolo (Tremolo)

A versatile take on vintage tremolos, the Vari-Speed Tremolo with a five-position Wave selector that lets you choose between sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, and inverted sawtooth modulating waves.

BBD Chours catalogue

BBD-Chorus (Bucket Brigade Chorus)

The original captivated its listeners with thick organic modulation and gooey pitch-shifting vibrato, which you can now have access to via the BBD-Chorus effect.

*afx2daw is currently аvailable for compatible Thunderbolt™ interfaces and Zen Go Synergy Core for macOS & Windows.

The plug-in is currently facing performance-related issues when running on Apple Silicon (M1) based systems. we are working towards resolving the problem.