Neu U473A GUI
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The midrange-shaper you’ve been waiting for
in the most faithful digital form

Modeled after one of the most unique mastering VCA compressors – the U473A.

This German classic from the 70s has shaped the midrange of more records than you might think, yet very few people have even heard its name. It has been the secret weapon between the Master Tape and the Vinyl cutter of countless hits, pulling their midrange forward and shaping their tone. The U473A is the unsung hero of all compressors.

What you can do:

Pull electric guitars forward in the mix,
while enhancing their tone
Effortlessly compress and de-ess vocals
until they sit perfectly in the mix
Glue your mixes with subtle
vintage character and vibe
Master your music with the recognizable
limiting of the U473A

It’s all about the mid-range

The U473A was first made as a dynamic control tool for cutting vinyl and as such, had to be designed with a focus on the mid-range. And although created for mastering, broadcasting, and vinyl cutting facilities, this unique VCA compressor was also used in German recording & mixing consoles due to its aggressive transient grabbing abilities and forwardness in the mid-range. Today, our faithful recreation of the U473A is the perfect tone- and dynamics-shaping tool for all stages of your record-making process where the mid-range needs to be pulled forward in the mix.


Its independent compressor, limiter, expander make it a versatile VCA all-purpose compressor/limiter regardless of whether you want subtle tone-shaping or hard-core limiting.


In the heyday of NS10s vinyl, mixers and mastering engineers weren’t bothered with the super-lows and highs when making records, as the format at the time didn’t allow them to. Before the final mix would hit the vinyl cutting machine – there had to be a mastering console controlling the dynamics & tone. During the 70s & 80s, some of the most in-demand mastering consoles to serve that purpose came from Germany. They all contained pairs of the U473/U473A VCA compressors, doing all the heavy lifting.


As the years progressed, the rare U473As stayed behind the curtains and shaped the mid-range of countless legendary records. Now, half a century later, we are bringing it back to life and making sure the U473A legacy will continue to grow in a digital domain.

How we did it

We found one of that well-preserved vintage U473As and deconstructed it to its bare bones. We measured every single component from the simple resistors to the transformers, and down to the wires and the unique non-linear relationship of the internals. We then individually re-created every one of those components in a digital form and using the original blueprints for the hardware we put together the NEU-473A – the most faithful and accurate modern recreation of a vintage classic.


The NEU-473A was developed by Antelope Audio based on proprietary modeling methods and technologies.

Georg Neumann GmbH – manufacturer of the original U473A unit – has not endorsed nor sponsored the NEU-473A in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.