Shred Guitar
Cabinets Bundle


The Shred Guitar Cabinets Bundle is a collection of matching speaker cabinets for the Shred Guitar Amps Bundle. From tiny, yet shrieking 1 x 12 cabs all the way to mighty 4 x 12 half-stacks, it has everything you need to make those amplifiers sing!
All speaker and cabinet modeling happens in real-time, letting you record and monitor live with the exact settings you want. Don't worry about latency - it's now a thing of the past.

Darkface 65 2x12

This classic two-speaker cab from the 60s is the one to use for vintage rock, jazz, blues and country music. Its fine-tuned design makes the natural sound of your guitar come through like nothing else, even when driven to the point of breakup.

Top30 2x12

A timeless classic, the TOP30 sees generations upon generations of artists seeking it in pursuit of its distinct British tone. A cabinet for purists, it does both clean and overdriven sounds with remarkable attitude.

Modern 4x12

When it comes to crushing metal tones, nothing comes close to beating this beast. Its massive low end, thick mid-range and smooth highs have amped up crowds of headbangers for decades, both live and in the studio.

Green 2x12

A pair of 12-inch OB Green speakers which deliver the kind of meaty bass and smooth mids that sound exceptional for rock and metal, but also sing the blues like no other.

Vintage 4x12

A cabinet with four roaring Vintage speakers has been the rock and metal standard for generations of bands and musicians. When cutting through the mix like a knife is the task at hand, this cab is one of your best bets.

Green 4x12

If you like how the Green 2 x 12 sounds, you are going to love having more of the same. Enjoy the added bass extension and wider mids coming from four hard-driven OB Green speakers!

Caliper 50 1x10

You wouldn't expect a cabinet of this size to deliver such warm, well-rounded tones - but there you go! From lush cleans to saturated overdrive, the Caliper 50 cabinet can deliver the goods in spades - all coming from a single 10-inch speaker!

Bluelux 1x12

This cab was made for one thing and one thing only - playing the blues. No matter if you seek a heartfelt lead guitar tone or raucous hot-rodded rhythms, the way the Bluelux handles blues in all its forms is akin to a super-power!

Clst 1x12

A British 1x12 cabinet known for outputting fearsome distortion, the Clst is another one of those small wonders which can make you reconsider what single-speaker cabinets are capable of.

England 4x12

A great all-rounder for rock and metal, the England 4x12 can be pushed to utter viciousness without compromising its solid and balanced tone with plenty of definition and character.

Bass Tube 1x15

Coming at you straight from the 70s, this roaring, thunderous bass cab is ready to shake the ground. The extra-large 15-inch speaker provides just the right 'oomph' for rock & metal while offering plenty of versatility when it comes to other genres.