Space Flanger

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Space Flanger


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It has been a long while since seminal band The Beatles and recording pioneer Les Paul first experimented with flanging in the 1950s. Throughout the years, the effect itself hasn’t changed much, but clever minds have came up with dozens of different approaches to it. Ours is a distinctly modern one. Taking advantage of the Synergy Core platform’s unparalleled computational capabilities, Space Flanger is capable of producing phases, sweeps and swooshes that sound truly extraterrestrial. Your voice and instruments are now ready for take-off!

The Controls:

Bypass button: Toggle the effect On or Off

Gain: Adjust input volume (-12dB to +12dB)

Wave: Choose between Triangle and Sine wave modulation

Feedback: Adjust the amount of output signal being fed back into the input (produces resonance)

Delay: Adjust the offset between the source and delayed signal (in milliseconds)

Rate: Adjust the frequency of the modulating wave (perceived as a change in modulation speed)

Depth: Adjust the amplitude of the modulating wave (perceived as volume change)

Mix: Blend between the Dry (unaffected) and Wet (processed) signal