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Studio Limiters Collection

Synergy Core Effects Bundle

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The Studio Limiters Collection

The Studio Limiters Collection

Introduce a vintage feel to your tracks with four limiters that are almost as famous as the songs that they have shaped. With the effects in the bundle, you have flexible toolbox that can treat drums, guitars, vocals, or anything else, with ease.

With afx2daw included, you can easily mix and master with the four limiters in supported DAW software.

Opto 2A

OPTO 2A (Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter)

Modeled after a legendary optical compressor/limiter that is easy to control and adds a sense of smoothness to vocals.


Impresser (Stereo Knee Compressor / Limiter)

Modeled after one of the most flexible, powerful, and edgy compressors/limiters known to the audio world. It can add a sense of warmth to your tracks or it can aggressively pump up any source audio.


Tubechild670 (Vari-Mu Tube Compressor / Limiter)

Modeled after the most expensive and sought-after tube compressor/limiter from the 50s, the Tubechild 670 can put any track in-front of your mix, whilst preserving its musical smoothness.

FET A78 1

FET-A78 (FET Compressor / Stereo Peak Limiter)

Modeled after a punchy and classic compressor/limiter, the FET-A78 acts great for processing both instruments and full mixes.

afx2daw fxtile

afx2daw (Bridge Plugin)

The afx2daw plug-in lets you use your Synergy Core effects inside most popular DAWs, providing native workflow while keeping all the processing inside the interface.

afx2daw is available for compatible Thunderbolt™ interfaces and Zen Go Synergy Core for macOS & Windows.