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The Sound of the ‘60s

The Sound of the ‘60s

A great expansion of sonic landscapes and minds took place during the late ’60s. A psychedelic feel was brought to music through different means. One of these was the otherworldly sound created by the new hardware audio processors. In The Sound of ’60s FX Bundle, you can find recreations of four effects that would become a blueprint for many psychedelic tunes of the era.

Reel-to-Reel (Tape Saturation)

Reel-To-Reel combines the best tape formulas, the best tape heads and the finest electronics. The combinations between all those allow you to add unique tape effect to your mix.

VEQ-55B (4-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)

The original classic American unit’s musicality owes in part to the proportional Q behavior of each band, which is modeled meticulously in the VEQ-55B.

Opto-2A (Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter)

Modeled after a legendary optical compressor known for its smooth compression, the Opto-2A is easy to control and works like a charm on vocals. Use it on instruments when transparent compression is needed.

RD47 (Tube Mic Preamp)

RD47 is an authentic recreation of one of Abbey Road Studios’ most iconic valve line amps which defined the beautiful sound of the 1960s. Try it when you need a more aggressive touch.