V12 Chorus

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The Future of Modulation is here

Whilst developing some of the most sophisticated and sought-after vintage emulations we are also on a mission to bring a new generation of processors that will shape the music of tomorrow.

The V12 Chorus infuses old and proven modulation principles with futuristic technologies needed for a new wave of music makers. Its abundant features allow for new applications of Chorus effects and full control over the desired outcome.

This powerful processor is equipped with a Voicing generator, capable of producing up to 12 different voicings based on the source material. The time between voicing as well as the tuning and number of repeats all have their separate controls and give you full sculpting capabilities.

We developed a unique frequency filter called Colorize, which uses the Color Shifter for fine-tuning its parameters and making sure that the desired effect will sit well in your mix. Space however will allow you to completely augment the spatial positioning of the delayed voicings by changing their placements in relation to the filters.

Once you find the desired number of voicings and sculpt their sound using the abundance of control use the Humanize engine to introduce specially designed randomization, which will completely disrupt all the parameters and the relationships between the different processes. Humanize can add subtle randomization mimicking a human-like feel or aggressive chaos for sound design and music production all based on the unique relationship between the different controls.


• Record in Real-Time with near-zero latency using the V12 Chorus (only with Antelope Audio Synergy Core interfaces)
• Mix with the V12 Chorus using our AFX2DAW plugin
• Explore a new territory in music production and sound design and infuse your tracks with unique and uncommon spatial effects
• Add a simple human-like feel to the 12 voicings generated by the V12 Chorus or completely disrupt the spatial placement of your tracks for dark and haunting effects