Vari-Speed Tremolo

Vari Speed Tremolo small
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Tremolo – the modulation effect that started it all! Before the first tremolo units came built into vintage amplifiers, nobody knew what guitar effects are. A simple concept it may be, but the tremolo went on to define the iconic sound of surf guitar and spurred a wave of innovation among musical equipment builders. Our Synergy Core-powered Vari-Speed Tremolo presents a fresh and versatile take on vintage tremolos with its 5-position Wave Selector and the addition of a Vari-Speed Rate knob. By adjusting how quickly the frequency of the modulator wave varies, you can spirce up your tremolo effects with a welcome touch of unpredictability.

The Controls (from left to right):

Bypass Button: Toggle the effect On and Off

Wave Selector (clockwise): Choose between Sine, Triangular, Square, Sawtooth, and Inverted Sawtooth modulation waves

Rate: Adjust the modulation speed

Vari-Speed Rate: Adjust how quickly the frequency of the modulator wave varies

Depth: Adjust the amount of volume (amplitude) modulation

Mix: Blend the Dry (unaffected) and Wet (processed) signals