VEQ 56 1
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The venerable VEQ-56 originates from a line of American mixing desks made throughout the ’60s and ’70s. This 10-band graphic equalizer remains sought after long since its introduction. It is known for its many favorable aspects, among them its high headroom, consistency and ease of use. But most critically, it’s the trademark American sound!

Of particular note is the VEQ-56’s unique automatic Q adjustment, which controls the filter bandwidth at the high and low extremes of each band. By design, the filter bandwidth is widened at lower amounts of boost or cut and narrowed at higher ones. This results in an unmistakable sound with a punchy, precise character.

Equal parts musical and corrective, each and every aspect of the original 1969 unit’s feel and operation has been faithfully reproduced by Antelope Audio, exclusively for Synergy Core audio interfaces.


Graphic equalizer based on a vintage American unit from 1969

10 EQ bands (31hz, 63hz, 125hz, 250hz, 500hz, 1khz, 2khz, 4khz, 8khz, 16khz)

12dB boost/cut per band

Automatic Q adjustment in respect to fader movement

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