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The VEQ-STU 169 is modeled after a part of a second-generation analog Western European mixing desk. Produced in the late 70s and early 80s, these desks earned their place as top music recording devices with their transparent, yet gently colored analog sound. The simple, yet powerful 3 band inductor-based EQ carries a signature musicality owing to the combination of its high-end smoothness and headroom alongside clean and precise lows.

Designed for broad tone shaping, the VEQ-STU 169 is still used in studios ranging from vintage analog to hi-end digital. Both still take advantage of its unique coloring. With a low-pass filter and a sweepable bell mode mid band, you can surely achieve the sound many other EQs can only dream of. The low frequency band is set to shelve at 60 Hz, the mids are sweepable between 150 Hz & 7 khz, and the high frequency shelving comes at 10 kHz.