VP Gate Keeper II

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The ultimate noise gate & envelope shaper

Created by the pioneers of VCA technologies, the Kepex ll – the unit after which the VP Gate Keeper II was modeled – embodies fast response, clean sound & unparalleled musicality.

When we hear “Noise Gates,” we often think of very linear ON/OFF types of processors. They can be too critical and rudimentary for today’s complex fine-tuning techniques in modern recording and mixing. However, the VP Gate Keeper II is made for all the grey areas between the ON and OFF positions. Its revolutionary Logarithmic Release mode protects the falling tails of gated materials. It retains the integrity & musicality of the signal even in extreme settings.

The five continuously variable parameters, along with the revolutionary Logarithmic Release mode and Keying mode, allow for:

  • Active expansion – increasing the dynamic range of transient-heavy sources
  • Leakage prevention – decreasing of ambient noises
  • Creative effects – reproduction of unique electronic effects in Keying mode

This unique parametric Gate will let you synthesize urgency, excitement, and punch from dull and lifeless recordings. It’s easy-to-operate parameters will offer familiar controls for fast and easy operation.


If we travel back to the early 70s, we’ll find the Kepex quietly sitting in every gold-record-making studio. In many ways, this trusted envelope shaper carved the drums of the 70s & 80s rock and pop music as it was a must-have tool for any major studio of the time.

The Kepex ll was based on the revolutionary Valley TA-101 VCA, which it used for its gain-reduction. Like all Valley People chips, the TA-101 gave the Kepex ll unparalleled musicality even at extreme settings. Protecting the signal while applying monstrous amounts of gain-reduction was only associated with Vari-Mu Tube designs until the TA-101 made it possible for the tubeless Valley People devices.

Behind the curtains

The VP Drum-all-nite’s enormous envelope-shaping abilities are accessible via a slick and straightforward control panel. Its faceplate includes familiar controls like Threshold, Release, Range & Output for quick & easy operation, but what happens behind the curtains is far from ordinary or straightforward.

The circuitry behind most of its parameters has been redesigned with proprietary Valley People technologies that bear little resemblance to anything else on the market. For example, the Release control features Anticipatory Release Computation. Like a Look Ahead feature, this technology anticipates the incoming signal and prevents waveform modulation or excessive pumping.

How we did it

We found one of these well-preserved analog pieces and carefully emulated every component to create the perfect analog sound and digital functionality synergy. We carefully emulated every aspect of its circuit to give you the first & only accurate digital representation of the Kepex ll.

New side-chaining functionality

We can now offer external side-chaining functionality for real-time effects in the Synergy Core library. To enable side-chaining with VP Gate Keeper II switch to “key mode” and select the key input source you want to chain the effect with.


• Record in real-time with near 0 latency using the VP Gate Keeper II (only with Antelope Audio interfaces)
• Mix with the VP Gate Keeper II using our afx2daw plugin
• Synthesize urgency, excitement, and punch from dull and lifeless recordings
• Increase the dynamic range of any transient-heavy material


The VP Gate Keeper II was developed by Antelope Audio based on proprietary modeling methods and technologies.

Valley People – manufacturer of the original Kepex II unit – has not endorsed nor sponsored the VP Gate Keeper II in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.