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18 x 26 DESKTOP

Zen Tour


ZTSC main5
ZTSC main5

Analog & Digital Connectivity

• 18 x 26 Desktop audio interface with Thunderbolt & USB connection for Mac/Windows

• Four Discrete ultra-linear preamps with 65dB of gain for studio-quality recordings. All work as microphone/line inputs, on combo XLR jacks

• Four Hi-Z/line instrument inputs on TRS ¼ jacks

• Eight DC-coupled analog output channels over a D-Sub 25 connector allowing control of modular synthesizers

• Two reamp outputs on TRS ¼ jacks for further amp processing of guitar signal

• Thunderbolt 3 (up to 32 channels) and USB 2.0 (up to 24 channels) ports for native DAW application with custom macOS & Windows drivers

• Digitally expandable over ADAT (up to 8 channels) and SPDIF (up to 2 channels)

• Two stereo headphone outputs

• A pair of monitor outputs

Clocking & Conversion

• Proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology for increased width, separation, and detail in musical performances

• Proprietary Jitter Management algorithm delivering truthful and expanded soundstage

• High-resolution A/D and D/A conversion ensuring artefact-free recordings and mastering-grade converter with 130dB headroom for critical listening without coloration or signal degradation

Onboard real-time effects

• Collection of 36 analog-modeled effects featuring classic as well as rarely emulated compressors, EQs, mic preamps, and guitar amps and cabs

• Up to 112 effects instances per session loaded simultaneously

• 4×DSP, 2×FPGA Synergy Core proprietary onboard real-time platform for effects processing with imperceptible latency

Workflow-enhancing features

• Advanced digital Routing Matrix that allows execution of complicated input/output routing with a simple drag and drop functionality

• 4 mixers with 32 channels each for creating individual cue mixes and sub-mixes, allowing you to distribute headphone mixes for your musicians while applying pan, reverb, other effects and stereo link

• Customizable presets complete with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer settings and sub-mixes

• Direct hardware monitoring with effects, processed in real-time with imperceptible latency

• Multifunctional touchscreen display for monitoring, operation and recall of hardware-based presets

• Front panel with volume knobs with selectable sources and functional buttons Easily accessible talkback with built-in microphone via multi-purpose Antelope button

• Option to work without being connected to a computer (standalone operation)

• Wireless control of software features from a separate computer connected to the same network

36 Included Synergy Core Effects

Gyraf Gyratec IX (Dual Tube Mic Preamp with HPF)

VCA160 (VCA Compressor / Limiter)

Stay-Levin (Vari-Mu Tube Compressor)

FET-A76 (FET Compressor / Limiting Amplifier)

VEQ-1A (2-Band Tube EQ)

VMEQ-5 (3-Band Tube Mid-Range EQ)

X903 (VCA Compressor / Limiter)

PowerFFC (Feed-Forward Compressor)

Clear Q (Parametric EQ)

Power EX (Expander)

VEQ-HLF (Tube 2-Band HPF / LPF)

Auraverb (Reverb)

BA-31 (Germanium Mic Preamp)

Power Gate (Noise Gate)

A-Tuner (Guitar Tuner)

Plexi 59 (UK) (Tube Guitar Amp)

Bass SuperTube VR (Tube Guitar Amp)

Darkface 65 (US) (Tube Guitar Amp)

Top30 (UK) Bright (Tube Guitar Amp)

Tweed Deluxe (US) (Tube Guitar Amp)

Overange 120 (UK) (Tube Guitar Amp)

BurnSphere (DE) Lead (Tube Guitar Amp)

Marcus II (US) Lead (Tube Guitar Amp)

Modern (US) CH3 (Tube Guitar Amp)

Rock 75 (UK) (Tube Guitar Amp)

Rock 22.10 (UK) (Tube Guitar Amp)

Darkface 65 2×12 (Guitar Cabinet)

Top30 2×12 (2×12 Guitar Cabinet)

Modern 4×12 (4×12 Guitar Cabinet)

Green 2×12 (2×12 Guitar Cabinet)

Vintage 4×12 (4×12 Guitar Cabinet)

Green 4×12 (4×12 Guitar Cabinet)

Caliper 50 1×10 (1×10 Guitar Cabinet)

Bluelux 1×12 (1×12 Guitar Cabinet)

Clst 1×12 (1×12 Guitar Cabinet)

England 4×12 (4×12 Guitar Cabinet)

Bass Tube 1×15 (1×15 Guitar Cabinet)

In-the-Box Content

• Zen Tour Synergy Core Interface

• Quick Start Guide

• Inline External Power Supply Unit

• USB Cable