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important notice mobile
January 4, 2022

Antelope Launcher UPDATE

Dear Antelope Audio users, Currently, we are facing technical issues with the Antelope Launcher concerning updates of bundle versions, and direct log-ins from the application. We apologize for any inconvenience…
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thumbnail Kosta Dune
December 23, 2021

Recording vocals for “Dune” with Kostadin Kamcev

The recent “Dune” movie adaptation had one of the most impressive imagery and sound in recent years. We managed to have a chat with one of the sound engineers who…
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thumbnail music and technetworking m
December 17, 2021

Music and technology: the paths intertwine

From the onset of sound recording, the paths of music and technology have been intertwined. Breakthroughs in technology often spawned entire forms of music previously not even dreamed of. And…
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thumbnail what do i need
December 10, 2021

What do I need for a home recording studio?

Building your studio can seem like an overwhelming task. You might have shortlisted a few things that you need to get, but there are surely questions arising at the beginning…
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thumbnailnetworking m
November 24, 2021

How much does it cost to record a song in the studio?

For an inexperienced person, the studio world can be a mysterious place riddled with unfamiliar terms. Beginner artists often don't understand the difference between tracking, mixing & mastering. They often…
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networking musicprod thumbnail
October 18, 2021

Networking for music producers

Audio and sample library file management: 5 tips for the thinking producer Regardless of which country you reside in, the music industry has its own ecosystem with all its colors…
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blogpost cover producers small
October 14, 2021

Audio and sample library file management: 5 tips for the thinking producer

Audio and sample library file management: 5 tips for the thinking producer No matter what genre of music you produce, each piece of audio on your computer exists as an…
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macOS win
October 7, 2021

Antelope Audio Product Compatibility Status – Windows 11 & macOS Monterey

Antelope Audio Product Compatibility Status - macOS Monterey & Windows 11 With the release of Windows 11 and the approaching update to macOS Monterey, we’d like to inform you that…
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ZenTour London photo2
June 9, 2021

Mobile recording session with Zen Tour Synergy Core

Mobile Recording Session with Zen Tour Synergy Core With the Zen Tour Synergy Core as a centerpiece, Ivo Sotirov (@ivo.sotirov) had the perfect go-to weapon for a mobile recording session.…
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Audio InterfacesTips
March 5, 2021

How to record at home, multitrack and stream with a desktop audio interface

How to Record at Home, Multitrack and Stream with a Desktop Audio Interface Gaining experience and knowledge is undeniably the most important thing when recording music. Bigger projects, more artists,…
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