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Thank you for choosing Antelope Audio!

This Galaxy 32 Synergy Core product activation is a mandatory process required to be completed on the first run of the interface. It is needed to validate your product warranty and to gain access to our special software packages and exclusive product offers.

To activate your product, please make sure to follow the instructions listed. Bear in mind that internet connection is required for successful product activation.


Step 1: Getting Started

Connect the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core power adapter to an AC power source. Plug in the interface to your Windows or Mac computer using a Thunderbolt™ 3 cable (not included). You can also connect the interface using a Thunderbolt™ 2 cable via a Thunderbolt 3™ (USB-C) to Thunderbolt™ 2 adapter.

Step 2: Login/Creating an Antelope Audio User Account

Open your internet browser and navigate to Login to the Antelope Audio user area with your e-mail and password. If you don’t have an account, visit to create one.

Step 3: Installing Antelope Launcher (macOS & Win)

Click on the Activate New Device button and then choose the ‘Galaxy 32 Synergy Core’ from the device list. Download and install the Antelope Launcher application for Windows or macOS.


  • For Thunderbolt™ connection on Windows, the latest Windows Thunderbolt™ driver is required. Download and install the Windows Thunderbolt™ driver from here (link). The driver is also available in the System tab in the Antelope Launcher.

Step 4: Antelope Audio Interface Activation

Once downloaded, open the Antelope Launcher application and click on the Login button. Enter the e-mail and password you used to login into the Antelope Audio user area and click ‘Login’. Then, click on Activate device. If the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core does not appear in the Devices tab, click on Not seeing your device? and follow the on-screen instructions.

In the Antelope Management Wizard window, choose Activate device or assign features and click Continue. In the subsequent window, place a checkmark next to Register device and click Continue. Upon successful activation, the final window will read ‘Congratulations! You have successfully activated your device.’ Click Done and the activation is finished.

Step 5: Software Update

After successful activation, it is time to complete the final step before you can use your interface. Update the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core to the latest firmware and Control Panel versions. To do this, simply open Antelope Launcher and click the ‘Update’ button below the ‘Bundle Version’ drop-down menu.

Ready to set-up your interface and play audio? Here is how.




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System Requirements:


  • • Apple Mac 2012 or newer with Thunderbolt™ port
  • • Minimum: Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra. Recommended: Mac OS X 11.02 Big Sur
  • • Available storage space (Minimum 4 GB)
  • • Memory (RAM): 4 GB minimum (8 GB or more recommended)


  • • PC computer with certified Thunderbolt™ connectivity
  • • Windows 10 (64-bit) with latest Microsoft Updates
  • • Available storage space (Minimum 4 GB)
  • • Memory (RAM): 4 GB minimum (8 GB or more recommended)
  • • CPU: Intel Core i3™ or AMD FX (Higher recommended)

Additional Information:

  • • Stable Internet connection is required to download and update your Antelope Audio Software

Need any help?

Visit the Antelope Audio Customer Support page, choose your device and find the required information.

Download the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core user manual