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This Isochrone Trinity product activation is a mandatory process required to be completed on the first run of the device. It is needed to validate your product warranty and to start using the product.

To activate your product, please make sure to follow the instructions listed. Bear in mind that internet connection is required for successful product activation.


Step 1: Getting Started

Connect the Isochrone Trinity to a power outlet using an AC power cable. Plug in the device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2: Install the Isochrone Trinity Launcher/Control Panel (macOS & Win)

Download and install the Isochrone Trinity Launcher/Control Panel application for Windows or macOS from here.

Open and install the Launcher/Control Panel by following the steps in the installation wizard.

10mx start wizard

Step 3: Activate your Isochrone Trinity

Once the installation is completed, start the application. You will be prompted to create an Antelope ID directly from the application. Fill out the necessary information and click Continue. If you already have an active Antelope ID, click on Use existing Antelope ID.

Bear in mind, that your Antelope ID is different and has no relation to your user profile on

10mx get started

Sign in using your credentials. If you have just created your Antelope ID, do not forget to activate it using the link in the e-mail you have just received.

10mx get started 2

After successfully signing in your Antelope ID, you will be asked to fill in additional information concerning your recent purchase.

10mx get started 3

Once you have filled in the required information, click Done. You can now begin using your Isochrone Trinity.

Step 4: Activate your product warranty

You will be required to activate your product warranty from the My Warranty tab in My Antelope Account. To activate your product, click on the text that sends you to the page where you can add a custom warranty.


On the following screen you will be asked to enter information about your new device and to attach your warranty. Select your device from the list under Device type and add a serial number. You can find it on the back side of your device’s rack ears. After entering the serial number enter the date of purchase.

The last step is to attach your warranty. You can add multiple files (up to five) by using the plus sign. Acceptable formats are .pdf, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .heif, and the size limit is 7 MB per file. Once you have completed the steps click Add Warranty.

add war 2

After successfully completing the process, you can click on View Warranty to see if your file has been uploaded correctly.


Need any help?

Visit the Antelope Audio Customer Support page, choose your device and find the required information.

您在首次运行ISOCHRONE TRINITY时,设备会强制要求您完成产品的激活过程,这个过程需要验证您的产品保修状态,方可开始使用产品。




将交流电源线连接至ISOCHRONE TRINITY设备, 并将设备通过USB线连接至电脑

第二步:安装 ISOCHRONE TRINITY启动/控制面板(macOS或Win)

10mx start wizard


安装完成并打开后,程序会提示您在程序内创建Antelope ID,您可以填写必要信息并点击Continue,如果您已经拥有一个有效的Antelope ID,您可以点击 Use existing Antelope ID.

请注意,这里的 Antelope ID 与您在 上的是不同的,并且与您在 上的用户个人资料无关。

10mx get started

使用您的信息登录,如果您刚刚创建了您Antelope ID,请不要忘记点击您邮箱中刚刚收到的邮件中的链接以激活账户。

10mx get started 2

在成功登录您Antelope ID后,您会被要求填写最近购买该设备的相关信息

10mx get started 3

在您填写完所需信息后,点击Done,您就可以开始使用您的ISOCHRONE TRINITY了。


您需要在AntelopeAudio官网My Antelope Account的My Warranty选项卡中填写您的保修信息,为了激活设备,请点击跳转页面的链接,在这里您可以添加自定义的保修内容。



最后一步是附上您的保修单。您可以使用加号添加多个文件(最多五个)。可接受的格式为 .pdf、.jpg、.png、.jpeg、.heif,每个文件的大小限制为 7 MB。完成这些步骤后,单击添加保修。

add war 2

在成功完成上述过程后,您可以点击View Warranty来查看您上传的保修信息。