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A-Tuner is a hardware-based software effect which runs in real-time on your Antelope Audio interface’s built-in Synergy Core FX processing platform.

If you like your instruments to be in perfect tune, the tuner is an essential, indispensable tool in your audio arsenal. The Antelope Tuner is a classic example of a no-frills, immediately usable tuner for your guitar, bass, and other instruments you may be using.

Reaching all the way down to 30Hz (B0) all the way up to 1400Hz (F6), the Antelope Tuner is a trusty partner in your musical endeavors. It’s also one to respond immediately, thanks to your Antelope interface’s zero-latency FX processing! So do not fear using this one both live and in the studio.


Simply insert A-Tuner at the top of your FX chain and tune your instrument according to the visual meter. Use the On/Bypass button at will to enable or exclude the tuner from your virtual rig.

*The A-Tuner is available to all Synergy Core users as a free add-on. Simply update your interface to the latest bundle version and find the effect in your Control Panel.