Adaptive Vibrato

Adaptive Vibrato 1
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The gentle shimmer of a good vibrato is comparable to that of a great reverb, but without the space. To create our own take on what a great vibrato should be like, we started by examining some tried-and-true circuits then incorporated our impressions into a bespoke virtual unit that gives you a whole toybox worth of vibrato to play with!

Latch and trigger modes, rate and depth knobs, five waves of modulation, delay and rise controls. Finally, dial in just the right amount of the effect with the Dry/Wet mix knob. Add Vibrato to your modulation effects rack, combine it with the Shred Guitar Amps & Cabs to play emotional solos and add movement to your synthesizers and sounds.


On/Standby Button

Rate control – Slow/Fast

Depth control – Min/Max

Wave selector – sine, triangle, square, sawtooth right, sawtooth left

Mode control – Latch/Trigger

Delay control – Min to Max

Rise control – Slow to Fast

Threshold – Min to Max

Endfreq – x0.5 to x2