Multichannel Remote Controller

MRC Hero device 02


• Supports 23+ formats from stereo to 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos

• Comprehensive and customizable preset recall system for fast switching between input sources, outputs and much more

• Individual mute and solo functionality for each speaker across all supported formats

• Rotary encoder for volume control over either calibrated multichannel output or dedicated stereo monitor output

• Mute and dim functionality for currently selected output

• Plug-and-play compatibility with Atmos-ready Antelope Audio interfaces, via a single USB computer connection

• Bus-powered over the USB connection

Workflow and design

• Designed for seamless monitoring workflow, with a tactile feel

• Carefully pre-defined buttons with LED indication remove second guessing

• Compact size, ready to fit comfortably on any desk

• Metal housing with a black brushed aluminum finish provides both endurance and stylish looks

• Designed and manufactured in the EU

In-the-box content

• MRC remote controller

• Getting started guide

• USB cable