Orion 32+


Orion32Plus Gen4 Header Device 02


• 32 analog input channels over 4 × D-Sub 25 connectors with AC/DC coupling switch (TASCAM standard);

• 32 analog output channels over 4 × DC-coupled D-Sub 25 connectors (TASCAM standard);

• 1 × Dedicated stereo monitor output over 1⁄4 TRS;

• Computer connectivity via single USB-C port supporting either Thunderbolt™ 3 or USB 2.0, for 128 and 32 channels of I/O respectively, at up to 192kHz (Thunderbolt™ 2 also supported via а Thunderbolt™ 3 to 2 adapter);

• Custom macOS & Windows drivers for low latency performance in native DAW applications over both Thunderbolt™ and USB;

• Digital I/O: 128 channels of optical MADI (up to 48kHz, reduced at higher SRs), 8 channels of ADAT (up to 48kHz, reduced at higher SRs), and 2 channels over S/PDIF (up to 192kHz);

• Clocking I/O: 1 × word clock input, 2 × word clock outputs, 1 × 10М input.

Clocking & Conversion

• Proprietary 64-bit AFC™ (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology delivering spacious stereo image with distinct separation for an unrivalled level of detail;

• High-resolution A/D and D/A conversion ensuring artefact-free audio with 130dB dynamic range on line and monitor outputs and 122dB on line inputs.


• 23+ formats readily compatible, from stereo through surround and immersive audio;

• Speaker calibration processing for up to 16 channels or 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos;

• Extensive monitoring control functionality designed for seamless workflow;

• MRC remote controller compatible as an optional system add on;

*Feature can be unlocked either via purchasable license available in our software store or with the purchase of an MRC remote controller.

Workflow-enhancing features

• Customizable virtual patch-bay allowing execution of complicated input/output signal routing with a simple drag and drop;

• Comprehensive presets system with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer settings and effects;

• Handy monitoring pop-out widget with output level controls and 5 quick preset recall buttons;

• 4 x onboard low-latency stereo mixers with 32 input channels each, with adjustable levels, panning and reverb settings – suitable for monitoring or summing;

• All analog and digital ports can be used simultaneously for easy integration with multiple systems and different setups;

• Two 1.8′′ IPS display screens for independent signal metering;

• Standalone use without a computer connection available, with routing, metering and monitoring controls from the two front panel displays.

In-the-box Content

• Orion 32+ Gen4
• Getting started guide
• Power adapter
• USB cable


W: 48,3 cm (19 in); D: 28 cm (11 in); H: 4,4 cm (1,73 in); 3,4 kg (7,4 lbs)

W: 63,6 cm (25 in); D: 34 cm (13,4 in); H: 11 cm (4,3 in); 5 kg (11 lbs)