Wild Modulation Bundle

Synergy Core Effects Bundle

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The Wild Modulation Bundle

The Wild Modulation Bundle

Bring a unique element to your projects by adding a new layer to your mix. The four included modulation effects are among the most creative in the Synergy Core library and allow for colorful sound design.

With afx2daw included, you can easily mix and master with the four modulation effects in supported DAW software.

V 12 Chours catalogue

V12 Chorus (Multi-Voice Stereo Chorus)

Powerful processor equipped with a Voicing generator, capable of producing up to 12 different voicings based on the source material.

BBD Chours catalogue

BBD-Chorus (Bucket Brigade Chorus)

The analog-modeled effect brings the vibrant mojo and revered organic warmth associated with the original from the 70s.

Marble White AutoWah 2

Marble White AutoWah (Auto-Wah Pedal)

The boutique autowah pedal from Finland works equally well on guitar and bass and has fast tracking, uncanny accuracy and responsive controls.

Instinct Synergy

Instinct Synergy (Distortion, Overdrive, Dynamics Processor)

The effect excels when used for dynamics processing, tone shaping or adding gritty distortion. Use it to bring forward underlying transients or build on weaker sounds.

afx2daw fxtile

afx2daw (Bridge Plugin)

The afx2daw plug-in lets you use your Synergy Core effects inside most popular DAWs, providing native workflow while keeping all the processing inside the interface.

afx2daw is available for compatible Thunderbolt™ interfaces and Zen Go Synergy Core for macOS & Windows.