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For 15 years now the state of mind is analog rather than digital at Electric City. “No plugins at Electric City.” It’s always the side that I do not believe in, because “you can not grab the sound.” I think it’s more organic, more musical.

Especially in the lows I do not believe in digital. But if I want it all to work properly I need the digital part of my studio to be as good as possible and that is why I invested in the Antelope clocks. I saw that there was an atomic clock and I wanted to try if this ‘little beast’ is worthwhile.

I was not sure what the Trinity and 10M could add to my studio, but after testing I can tell you that it makes a big difference. You can put your hands around the bass, there is a warm presence and you start to feel that the instrument begins to live. It is a product that fits well within Electric City that has always tried to promote quality in audio rather than making sacrifices in the quality which you have to do when your system is not up to par.

Even my clients hear the difference. They never express it in technical terms, but they speak about more solidity in the bass, reverbs that are more detailed. It’s things that appear only thanks to clocking. Yes, I am a proud owner of Antelope clocks.

Alan Ward is the owner and main mastering engineer of Electric City Mastering Studio in Belgium, established in 1995.

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